Fringe Links: Doubled-Barreled Dunham, Creepy 3.03 Canadian Promo

Fancy some double-barreled Dunham to go with your cornflakes? Well then, head past the jump for the Season 3 Fringe publicity shoot video. We also have the creepily-toned Canadian promo for this Thursday’s episode, some questions from last week’s “The Box” courtesy of, and more.

Fringe Publicity Shoot Video


You can find the corresponding, and various other, Fringe season 3 publicity photos here, herehere, here and here.

Fringe 3.03 “The Plateau” Canadian Promo


Our friends at assembled a list of questions from last week’s airing of “The Box”:

Last night’s Fringe, “The Box,” brought us back to our universe, the original universe, the universe where The West Wing is off the air, and that means I’m writing about the episode instead of Tim! Ha, get it? Alternating universes, alternating writers? Well, at least we’re amusing ourselves.
Anyway, “The Box” was another fantastic setup episode for this universe, kind of like how last week’s “Olivia” set up all the forthcoming haps for the alternate universe. And by the end of the hour, I had about a million questions. That’s a good thing, of course—it’s way too early in the season to be providing any answers. For now, I’ll just pose the questions. Perhaps I’ll come back to this list in a few episodes and see where we stand.

1. When is Peter (Joshua Jackson) going to realize that he’s mackin’ on the wrong Olivia (Anna Torv)? It’s devastating to watch him fall even more in love with someone who’s trying to ruin him and the people he’s grown to love. I’m holding out for a re-appearance from a former Jacksonville test subject; like Olivia, one of them would be able to see Faux-livia glimmer and know that she isn’t from this universe.

Read the entire article here.

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    I like hearing confirmation from the actors of how deliberately the photos for s3 were staged. Anna looks so damn cool. Gotta love it.

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