Fringe Links: Anna Torv Meets Jay Leno, Joshua Jackson, Science of Fringe

Today we have a handful of Fringe Links for you, including Anna Torv‘s appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, as well an interview with Joshua Jackson on Altlivia, and a course on how to train your kids to be like Walter Bishop. Scary, but educational.

Head past the jump for that, and more.

Anna Torv on Jay Leno – 11/15/10


The Fringe talk kicks in around the 5:09 mark.

Update: Looks like NBC has asked Youtube to block the video. Depending on your location, you can try watching the interview here, although their video player can be a bit of a nightmare for some.

Also, here’s a Dayton News interview with Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson. No embed, I’m afraid, but here’s the direct link to the video. Thanks to Aimee for sending this through.

Update: Here’s the embedded video for those of you having trouble with the link:


Fox has some additional photos from episode 3.06 – “6955kHz” here, including an interesting Walternate photo that might be kinda spoilery for some, but it should be OK as it’s an unused scene from an aired episode. Still, I didn’t want to send you down a rabbit hole without fair warning.  Thanks to Margo for the heads-up.

Elsewhere, in an interview with IGN, Joshua Jackson speculates on what it might be like for Peter when he finds out that Altlivia is not who he thought she was. Tears and tantrums? Erm, not quite:

“I think it would be a very strange thing for Peter [..] She’s been undercover. She’s a double agent. But at the same time, if we did it right, it would feel like there was something real there.”

Ha! A love built on lies. It can surely work (don’t call me Shirley!).You can read the entire article here.

Finally, do you want your kids to grow up to be just like Walter Bishop? Do you have massive hopes for their dynamic futures? If so (or even if you don’t), you might want to check out these ‘Science of Fringe’ lesson plans – a joint venture by Fox and the nonprofit Science Olympiad group to develop lesson plans for schools based on Dr. Bishop’s brand of ‘fact-based’ science. Thanks again to Margo for the tip. [via: TV Guide]


  1. runthegamut says

    This isn’t the first time JJ has mentioned the writers don’t like his commentary on the Peter/(B)Olivia dynamic, and I have to wonder why. Two extreme possibilities are that he either has it dead wrong and they are annoyed at his interpretation, because it affects how the characters play out, or he is spot on, and that was supposed to be some biggish reveal down the road. Either way, I disagree with him. They had plenty of chemistry and plenty of things pushing them apart the first two seasons.

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  2. LizW65 says

    “…But I think what has made our show cool is that we sort of slip under the radar, because it’s rated well enough to stay on the air…”

    Hey, this is encouraging, if true! As for other comments by Jackson, I’m convinced he says half of what he does just to screw with the ‘shippers. 😀

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    • number six says

      I find his anti-shippiness hilarious. Sometimes he says the oddest things to justify his position. I hope he never stops being like that, even if Olivia and Peter get married and have a bunch of kids. 😀

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      • says

        I have read in interviews that the producers are not worried whatsoever about their ratings. They said that FOX is very supportive of the show and happy with how they are doing in the Thursday slot. And just as JJ says, they have good enough ratings to stay on the air, but not so huge that they have to pander to the wider audience. I think the show is really safe for a few more seasons.

        And in regards to JJ view, I think he just gets really tired of the talk always turning to the romance because he had to deal with so much of that in Dawson’s. He always seems to want to dismiss it and move on to the bigger story arc and mythology. He has not problems at all talking about the relationship btwn Peter and Walter.

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  3. physicsgirl says


    Jay, you are such a disappointment! I finally give you the time of day because Anna’s a guest, and you go with the “Hey, you’re Australian!” ‘secret’ (lame) for the interview? This was covered back when the show started! And no clip?

    At least Russell Crowe was there for eye candy and story-telling purposes.

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  4. fedorafadares says

    My disdain for Jay Leno (not funny+douchiness=disdain) trumps my love for Anna Torv, unfortunately. I simply can’t give the satisfaction of watching it from their site. Stubborn and irrational, I know.

    While I’m thrilled Anna Torv is getting exposure and recognition, I wish it were ANYWHERE but Jay Leno. Maybe others like Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, Letterman will book her, too?

    She and the show are deserving of mass exposure — they’re quality goods!

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    • cortexifan says

      I think she has been on all those and I don’t like any of them. The best interview with Anna was in March on PBS with Tavis Smiley. Very intelligent. I agree that the show is quality goods and deserves recognition, so my plea again, vote for them at the People’s Choice Awards. Go on their site and vote until Dec 7th.

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  5. anzetse maloba says

    Hi Not To Offend Any JJ Fans But Truth Be Told His Animal Attraction To Bolivia Has Not Been Sold To Many Viewers As He Had Hoped And This Coming From A Non Shipper Really He Now Needs To Change His Tune In Interviews IMHO

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    • BklynBetty says

      Ugh – is he *still* going on about that?? Putting aside the actual character implications of what he is saying, i don’t even like the theory. As someone else on this board said a while ago (paraphrased) – ‘what’s so special about Olivia and Peter is that they had to *bridge* Universes to come together in the first place’. Jackson’s apparent fixation on ‘home’ or ‘true home’ or whatever as only being where you come from just runs counter to the message of the show to me. that Altliv is somehow more *his* just because she comes from the other side of the curtain – even though he knows nothing about her. I hope they are just having him say this stuff as some kind of misdirect…

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      • runthegamut says

        Maybe he doesn’t really believe it. That would make me feel a bit better. If not, well then he must not watch himself act. He’s given more than enough smoldering looks over the first 2 seasons to make me doubt that the character has “animal” attraction to Olivia.

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  6. annon says

    Just thought I would point out, that this interview with Josh Jackson was done awhile ago and if some parts of the interview sound familiar they are.

    When they interview the cast in Vancouver, normally a small bunch of media people go up all at once. I can’t remember which group IGN where in but other media sites have already released their interviews ages ago. So, because they all get the same interview, you will get the various internet sites putting out the same info, hence “That sounds familiar”, because it is.

    I think this interview was done around the beginning of filming episode 6 (mid September) or earlier than that.

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  7. Lila says

    The problem with Josh not liking the couple, and having a different view from the writers, is that he is the one who plays Peter. And if Joshua believe that Peter’s feelings are X, then Peter’s feelings will be X in his mind, so he will act the way he thinks Peter thinks, which will prejudice the idea the writers are trying to pass us. So I really hope that the writers seat down and talk to him to make him accept that this is the way the show goes either he likes it or not (if what he says isn’t what they are planning (I hope not xD) ). We have to remember that he’s like us fans, and that there are some things we want to happen that just won’t.
    Still, I really like him so I hope he changes his mind

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    • Jennifer says

      If you go back & watch the interviews with Josh from the very beginning he tells us back then that its a brother/sister relationship & he does that to make you stay tuned to see if that is true knowing that we all see the eyesex & attraction that they both show from the pilot, & then after they have shown them together, his interview changes because the writers have gone there & then he says something else he thinks we don’t want to hear…has no one caught on yet!?! He does that to make you keep watching! That is part of the fun & brilliance of Fringe! In one interview, Anna & Josh both say how they know everyone wants the two of them to end up together, including them as fans also. That is what make this show so awesome is they play on those feelings like when you are told not to look behind the curtain what are you going to do? Look behind the curtain! Curiosity is human nature!

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  8. Alex says

    To be honest I really am on Josh’s team with the whole anti-shippiness thing. I really preferred P/O back in season 1 when they were still feeling each other out and had this protective kind of slightly dysfunctional pseudo-sibling friendship. The romance subplot that really surfaced in season 2 seemed really contrived to me

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    • mlj102 says

      I don’t see anything wrong with it. They’ve struggled with that since the very beginning, anytime they were asked to describe the show. It’s not that they don’t know their show or what it’s about or that they don’t really care about it… It’s just that it’s a complicated show that’s rather difficult to explain in simple terms. I mean, you try to explain what Fringe is in thirty seconds. It’s tough!

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    • Jennifer says

      Have you ever tried to describe the show to someone that has never watched it? Its not easy & especially when you are given X amount of time to do it in & also when you are 3 seasons in. You know how awesome it is so you want that person to get the complexity of the entire thing & its just not really possible.

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    • Sid says

      Jay Leno is a very unfunny, past his prime “comedian” who has a late night show (unfortunately). He did a poor job interviewing Anna, constantly interrupting her – what a lost opportunity.

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