Fringe Links: ‘Altlivia Is Not Bad, She’s Just From Another Universe’ – Torv

In today’s Fringe Links, Anna Torv looks ahead to the new season of Fringe, John Noble is featured in the upcoming edition of Rolling Stone Magazine, and at last! We can all pretend that we work for Massive Dynamic.

Like that final chocolate that mysteriously appears in the box you thought was empty, more Fringe footage from Comic Con has turned up. This one features Anna Torv who looks ahead to the upcoming season of the show.

Of note in this interview is Torv’s willingness to defend and understand Altlivia:

“I wanna have a little bit more time with the alternate Olivia, because I sort of really haven’t had that much time to spend with her, so I’m not really quite sure who she is or where she’s at, but I like her. People keep asking, you know, like, ‘what’s happening to Bad Olivia?’ And I’m like, ‘she’s not bad, she’s just from another universe. She just like, has a different point of view, she’s on a mission, she’s doing her job, she’s fighting for her world’.”

Here’s the entire interview in video format:


John Noble is featured in the September issue of Rolling Stone‘s Top 18 TV Characters This Season, and describes Walter as “a bit of an archaeological artifact [..] That’s why he’s capable of astonishing insight – but that’s also why he screws up his personal relationships. Like everything else we do on Fringe, it has a tinge of sadness.”

Here’s a scan of the segment courtesy of Zona Fringe (click image to enlarge):

Have you ever wanted your very own Massive Dynamic business card so that you can tell all of your friends that you work for Nina Sharp? Now you can see what it might look like thanks to Fro Design:

Check out other fictional business cards from the world of science fiction television and movies here. [via]. Thanks to doug for the heads-up.

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  1. mlj102 says

    That quote from Anna about how alternate Olivia isn’t necessarily bad and how she just has a different perspective was my favorite from this interview. That’s what I’ve been trying to say ever since we met alternate Olivia, only Anna says it much better than I’ve managed to do. So many people claim that alternate Olivia and Walternate are evil or bad and, while I can understand why people view Walternate that way, it’s the same with him — we simply don’t know the alternates and their background and their perspective well enough to say for sure that they’re good or bad. At this point, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and wait awhile before declaring them to be evil.

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  2. matt says

    and she looks totally chill and baked at the end when buddy says “alternately crazy” or whatever! that was the best smile lol!

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  3. Alex says

    I can’t wait to see more of Alt-Livia, I think Jeff Pinkner has had some really intriguing things to say about how this new Olivia hasn’t been burdened by as many things and therefore has been “free-er” in a sense, and as Anna puts it, “not as sad”. I think it’ll be interesting to see what our Olivia could have been and what happiness she could have had if her childhood hadn’t been so heavy

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  4. Slavi says

    As an actor she is fine , but on this interview …. OMG
    I hope she is shy in front of many people or something …. otherwise I would think she is stupid.

    I’ve watched the other interviews with the rest of the cast and Mr. Noble is very classy man.

    No offense to “Olivia”.

    I just pay attention to the impressions actors make on such events.

    The show is one of the most grabbing and interesting ones I’ve ever watched.

    Slavi Angelinoff.

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