FRINGE: Liberty — Noble Intentions


Fox has released the Noble Intentions video for the first half of the series finale, “Liberty”.


  1. says

    The suffering of Walter is iconic in this series.
    From a daring scientist, to a madman, to a caring and loving father.
    Walter knóws that he has crossed borders never to be crossed and that he must pay for his actions.
    He carries so much guilt and secrets with him, that he must come clean or it will break him again.
    John Noble played (all versions of) Walter like no other one ever could have.
    The success of Fringe was for a huge part build on the character of Walter played by John Noble. And i’m glad he did.

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  2. SissySiri says

    Wow, watching that I am in shock and furious that these people and this show did not win more awards than it did. I’m not going to knock anyone else or any other show, but to me it is criminal that this high level of professionalism and acting ability went unnoticed by so many. :-(

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