FRINGE: Leonard Nimoy & John Noble — Bishop & Bell Video


Leonard Nimoy and John Noble tease the Fringe finale in this new ‘Bishop & Bell’ video interview. Watch it below.



  1. Anita says

    Can we keep Leonard Nimoy and John Noble in the same room together for the rest of time? Or filming together at all times?? πŸ˜€

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  2. says

    it’s so weird, because as a fringe viewer, you know of this insane and epic history between the men, but so little of it has actually played out in front of us. but in a way, when you see them together, they’re really able to bring that history to life. two great actors!

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  3. SissySiri says

    That was a great, Leonard Nimoy and John Noble, two great actors. And I like the hint that we may not have not seen the end of Bell. Would love to have Leonard back in Season 5, and they won’t even have to put up that “Please come back to Fringe” sign up in front of his house. I hope we get more of these interviews before Friday.

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  4. TW says

    So from John Noble’s wording, can I take that to mean the Bell issue won’t be resolved and we’ll still be left in the dark about Bell to a large degree ?


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  5. earl says

    i’m hoping that bell creates his universe but that the blue an redverse survive and bell is trapped alone in bellverse with his freak zoo.

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  6. Sheldon Cooper says

    I would give 100000000 bath tub gifts to posses a napkin with DNA of Leonard Nimoy!
    And another 100000000 for a napkin with DNA of John Noble.

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