FRINGE Jumps Huge In Time-Shift Arena For And Those We’ve Left Behind


Fringe makes huge jumps once again in the time-shifted ratings, but will it be enough to stop the Ratings Dragon from breathing down its neck?

As reported by FOX Research, last week’s Fringe grew 64% on its live + same day 1.1 rating, to a 1.8 with 3 days worth of DVR viewing factored in:

Last wk’s #FRINGE posted the largest % gain from L+SD to L+3 this season on any broadcast net, up +64% to a 1.8 L+3 rtg (vs. 1.1 L+SD).

There’s little getting away from the fact that a considerable amount of the show’s audience record the show and watch later. While DVR ratings have taken on greater significance, time-shifting and watching the attached commercials is what really matters when it comes to DVR (C3) ratings.

Will the following happen to splash a lil’ cold water on the Ratings Dragon?:

  • Increased live viewing.
  • Increased commercial viewing during time-shifting.

To be continued..


  1. A.P.O. says

    The bad thing is that DVR numbers decline and decline and bdecline as well….1.8, we usually reached 2.x….

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    • James says

      Well considering this episode was originally a 1.1, and is now a 1.8 with DVR, and a 1.3 episode usually jumps to 2.1, it’s still jumped rating by 0.7/0.8

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    • mlj102 says

      I could be mistaken, but I think these are two separate numbers you’re looking at. The DVR numbers you’re referring to (the ones above 2.0) I think are the 7 day ratings, which we usually don’t hear about for 10-14 days after the broadcast (the week of October 24 just came out earlier this week), but the numbers being reported in this post (Fringe moving up to a 1.8) are the Live+3 ratings – the number of people who watched Fringe within the first three days of the original air date. So in theory, in another week or two, we should hear about the Live+7 ratings, which should be somewhere in the 2.0 range. And I think I’ve heard them mention in a couple of different interviews that the Live+3 ratings are still significant numbers to consider… Not as much as the live ratings, of course, but they acknowledge them and find them to be relevant in the decisions they make. So it’s pretty impressive that the ratings for Fringe managed to increase by that much in just three days.

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  2. Jennifer says

    This better not be the last season of Fringe or us Fringe fanatics will have to flood Fox with memorabilia to MAKE them keep it on the air!!!!!!!!! This is BY FAR the BEST, MOST UNPREDICTABLY AMAZING show that has EVER been on TV!!!

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  3. hal says

    Not that I would ever consider it seriously, but if fringe was cancelled there would be some serious ZFT-style attacks on FOX HQ that could only be stopped by..more fringe.

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  4. Clark says

    Glad to hear, once again, Fringe is getting watched. For such a great season the numbers should be growing. I just wish more people watched live like me. I know only half the normal amount in my household watched last week, sometimes the end of the work week is it’s own worst enemy. But for a show that has been moved around every other season people are probably used to DVR views of this show on Fridays and Saturdays when they can easily fit the show in their schedule.

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