FRINGE: Joshua Jackson On Why He’s Game For Short Season 5 Or TV Movie; Olivia Spoilers


Joshua Jackson teases the trajectory of Fringe season 4 as he knows it, and explains why he’s up for a shortened fifth season or TV movie if it means affording the FOX serial a ‘proper ending’.

Watch Jackson’s interview with THR in the player below (spoiler alert):

Source: THR

Fringe returns Jan 13 on FOX


  1. Sofia says

    What happen with the Peter season, Josh??? He say it so many times that this would be the Peter season and now it’s a complete different answer?

    However is always great to watch his interviews, he loves so much this show.

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    • number six says

      The producers must have finally told him the truth: “Sorry, Josh, remember when we said this would be Peter’s season? That was a joke, LOL!”

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      • JM says

        Anna Torv did an interview for TVLine, she said something along the lines of “i know the producers have said this is peters season”, but i can remember an interview with the producers when they were asked whether this would be peters season, and they definately did not say yes, so maybe she misheard… ahh i cant say but she definately said it and you can probably find it still online

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      • Sofia says

        Yes, they said it @Darth Kate and @JM posted one of the comments about it:

        “TVLINE | As Peter comes back, Joshua Jackson is probably dealing with his most challenging and complex material to date. Would you say that’s true?
        Yes, I would, and the episode that we’re shooting at the moment [Episode 8] is a really wonderful one for him. There’s a lot of meaty stuff for Josh to do, which is great. This season — and I know the [producers] have said it — is Peter’s season.”

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        • matt says

          well it is a Peter season, it is literally season peter. we are seeing everything through his perspective or our own parallel/very similar one. the season so far has been about peter having time traveled, created a bridge, and fixed something and accidentally erasing himself from time and, now, upon reappearing, being stuck in an altered timeline and having to find his way back to the familiar original timeline. no?

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          • Jen says

            Right. I think the character that we, as viewers, are supposed to relate to this season is Peter. Peter is the only character in this season who shares the knowledge that we as fans share about the original timeline. He recognizes that the new timeline characters aren’t the ones he’s grown to love & he wants to go back home. And I think that is a sentiment that has been echoed by lots of viewers. They don’t like this Olivia or Walter and they want to return to the people they love.

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  2. Jesse says

    Still no cure for cancer? Yeah that’s bad… Billions of people living in poverty? That ain’t nice either… Shows ending without a properly finishing the story? Now THAT’s frustrating!!!!

    Nah j/k, I would hate seeing that happen to Fringe of course…

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  3. says

    There is a point, where adding more guilt to Walter’s guilt doesn’t work anymore and there is a point, when rehashing the same themes every season for Olivia stopped being daring and fresh. It’s just repetition in disguise.

    My problem comes when the make up all these lies to keep part of the fanbase hopeful. If they had been honest and admitted they can’t be bothered with the male lead, although they will bring in a new actor and give him all the scenes and character development they don’t want for Peter, everything would be clear from the start. They preferred the road of deception and that’s not acceptable.

    If they can’t balance the writing for the three leads, their premise, that of a family formed by the three main characters, falls apart. The family is that of Walter and Olivia, Peter has no place in it. It’s as simple as that.

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  4. says

    I watched and liked Josh’s interview, and I’m impressed by the thought that this show is ultimately about Olivia’s self-discovery. What that means to me is that all the questions that have arisen regarding such matters as who are the Observers and who are the First People are secondary.

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    • matt says

      i see them all on an equal level, the show is about Olivia’s self discovery and the mysteries connected to the observers equally. I’m not sure if this is what you meant yourself but I’ve seen it and it bothers me: how can people watch these shows (FRINGE, LOST) and simply discard the mystery elements? that makes the damn show! no one reads Sherlock Holmes thinking I don’t really care if I find out what happens at the end as long as Sherlock has some self discovery and him and Watson end up in some stupid shiny afterlife do they? NO! of course not. they expect both in the end and why shouldn’t they? is it really too much to ask? that a story deliver on multiple levels? that it both develop it’s characters and provide satisfying yet appropriately spooky answers to it’s mysteries? I THINK NOT!

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  5. says

    Olivia, was always the focus of the show is a story told about a strong woman on her crazy journey through this new world. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bishop boys but Olivia really IS the central character and the entire show is founded on her and her being “special”.

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    • matt says

      “her AND her being “special”

      and being important there. the reason the story exists is because of the character; the reason the character exists is the specialness; the specialness is the mythology, it is observer related so really, like most good sci fi and mystery story, it’s about the mysteries (connected to Olivia Dunham) no?

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  6. Dylan says

    You’ve got to appreciate his honesty. His “not often rewarded” comment was a particularly surprising thing to hear someone say about their own show.

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  7. J.P. says

    Blasphemy, Josh, blasphemy. This is not Peter’s season, nor is it Olivia’s.


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    • WtmL says

      Oh yeah, you’re so right lol
      But I would go a step further: It’s not just Lincoln’s season, it’s HIS series now. Lincolninge.

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      • JM says

        here we come season 5! with this kind of lead ratings will increase dramatically!

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  8. June08 says

    Love this guy, very honest, dedicated and clever about the show. One of the main asset of Fringe is the excellence of its cast, it is a bliss to see them all on screen and in each interview, Josh, Anna and John are always very passionate and intelligent about their characters and Fringe in general.

    And I’m not surprised with Josh kind of saying that Fringe is mainly focused on Olivia as I always thought so, it was pretty clear since the pilot and it is fine with me, Olivia Dunham is the reason that first attracted me to Fringe but now, I canno’t imagine Fringe without either Olivia, Walter and of course Peter and I miss their old dynamic…

    That is why we need at least another season to maybe see them all together as before 😉

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    • PennyLaine says

      Yep, you are right. Olivia is the main character and she always was, it’s her story (or her point of view) that we are being told since the pilot. But it is essentially a 3 people show and even if she acts as the linchpin they are all equally important to the show. I wouldn’t want to see Fringe without any of them.

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  9. says

    This was my most favorite show at one time. When they wrote out the Peter character, it ruined the show for me. This was gross incompetence by the current writers and the producers. What would Frazier have been without Niles? I find it amazing the writers and producers destroyed their own show and we fans lose great tv. Hopefully, the writers and producers will be remembered for this self-inflicted morass and will never get the chance to destroy another great show.

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  10. lella says

    I do agree, Olivia has been, without any doubt, the main character of the show but the problem is that last year when Olivia/Fauxlivia/Bellivia was in every shot, Fringe lost nearly 40% of its audience. And this year it keeps on losing. I think that a bit of balance, since last year’s experience, would have helped.

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  11. Nane says

    The main cause of low ratings last year was the plot triangle soap it got rid of Olivia’s fans. Olivia in a super-agent, Guardian of the Universe was reduced to a choice of Peter.

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  12. JM says

    “TVLINE | As Peter comes back, Joshua Jackson is probably dealing with his most challenging and complex material to date. Would you say that’s true?
    Yes, I would, and the episode that we’re shooting at the moment [Episode 8] is a really wonderful one for him. There’s a lot of meaty stuff for Josh to do, which is great. This season — and I know the [producers] have said it — is Peter’s season.”

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