FRINGE: John Noble & Jasika Nicole Talk S4 Relationships, Peter’s Return, Crazy Story Arc


John Noble talks Walter and relationships in a new video interview, while Jasika Nicole chats Peter’s return and the “crazy” upcoming story arc. [UPDATED].

Mild spoilers (Vancouver set visit)..


Meanwhile, Jasika Nicole has been talking about Peter’s return and the “crazy” upcoming story arc (spoiler alert):

On Astrid’s reaction to Peter’s return:

The writers did not write any– they didn’t write any scenes where you could see Astrid trying to take in any information when Peter does come back, so I don’t really know how she feels about it. I know how Walter and Olivia and Lincoln and Broyles, I know how they feel, but I’m not sure how Astrid feels, and I’m not sure if that’s intentional. I’m not sure if that’s going to play into the story at some point in the future, which would be really cool. But so far I do know that she’s always trying to convince Walter that Walternate is not evil– that his world is just as important as ours and that he’s doing everything he can to save it and that he’s not the enemy. She’s constantly trying to explain that to Walter. So if I had to guess I’d say she’s open to whatever’s happening, and she tries to see the best in people.

On Peter’s reintegration:

Peter’s reintegration into this world…the transition is really difficult. So there’s not an immediate, like, ‘Okay, we’re back to where we were before. And I don’t even know if it will get back…So far it’s just a battle…It’s not like a welcome home. And it might even be the opposite of a welcome home. Might.

On the upcoming story arc that will carry dramatic consequences for both sides:

All I can say really is that there is something from the past– past, past past, and you have to think we’re in a different reality now and what universe are we in, so something in the past has come back, and you know, it has kind of been established that our universes don’t trust each other and they think the other one is guilty or whatever but what is essentially happening that there is a possibility that there is an outside force that has nothing to do with these universes but is affecting these universes. And you discover what it is and it’s going to be that these universes, as difficult as it’s been to kind of get on the same page, they’re going to really have to for serious, for serious join forces or otherwise everything is just going to go crazy—which we’ve established before…But really, if you don’t get together, things are going to go crazy now!

You can read more at TV Insider LA.


Lance Reddick also dished on the upcoming story arc, adding:

“It’s going to start getting more intense, but actually we’re going to start working together more, too”

He also says that things are going to get interesting for “Broyles, but definitely for Broylnate,” with the chances of seeing the two Fringe Division leaders interacting being “pretty good.”

As for who’s driving this outside threat? Reddick suggests that a “great character from seasons ago” will return to the piece.


  1. John says

    He might be capable of advancing the Shapeshifters. “Seasons ago” implies season one or two. Are there any other villains who qualify as a possible major villain?

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  2. lizw65 says

    My guess would be Jones as well, as Peter was directly responsible for his death. Other possibilities are Mitchell Loeb and the guy that Olivia put away for sexual harrassment–I forget his name.

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  3. Dylan says

    “All I can say really is that there is something from the past– past, past past…”

    lol only on Fringe would you have someone describing something like that.

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    • Clark says

      Yeah, truly a grand program, lofty.
      What’s up with all the haters? Like the x-files people, if that show came out today it wouldn’t last 3 seasons, aliens. Or it would be on such with 13 episode seasons.

      Love we actually get rewarded for staying up with this show, meanwhile x-files just had more aliens behind a conspiracy behind more aliens behind a conspiracy behind ghosts. They were much better with freak of the week though. That’s probably why so many of their fans dislike Fringe-no mentally challenged incest ridden family living in a farmhouse, no face-on-mars ghost, no kid who can control electricity.

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    • Walternate says

      Oh Observer1, you are still here. Awesome. I’ve been back for a while and haven’t seen you.

      Anyway, I’d agree on the Newton thing. It’s either him or David Robert Jones.

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  4. Wikiaddicted723 says

    I’m also thinking Moseley. He’s the only one that hasn’t been properly explained, and we met him in the same episode as the Observers. This being Observer season maybe we’ll get our explanation.

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  5. J.P. says

    Jones! Or, the “rogue” Observers? But, he said, “great villain”, and the Rogue was only featured once. So… Jones!

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    • sean says

      Reddick mentioning a “great character from seasons ago” would certainly imply Jones more so than the rogue observer, but I think rogue observers could possibly threaten 2 universes whereas Jones, I don’t think has that kind of power(but I might be selling Jones short). I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the rogue observer in episode 4 of season 1 was identified as “John Mosely from Seattle” because the rogue observers are some form of human shapeshifter, like the ones introduced in Neither Here Nor There. Human shapeshifters are going to play some kind of role this season, obviously, and it would be cool if they were a part of something bigger

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      • sean says

        plus Jasika Nicole said “an outside force that has nothing to do with these universes”, Jones would be more of an inside force as he is from this universe

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  6. aci79 says

    I can’t think of anyone else from way past who is considered as “great character” other than Robert Jones.

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