FRINGE: Jasika Nicole Talks Potential Alt-Universe Departure [VIDEO]


Jasika Nicole discusses the potential departure of the alt-universe in this recently-surfaced video interview.

Source: Give Me My Remote TV | HT: Ken-drick


  1. Ian S. says

    Jasika doesn’t know if we’ll see the alternate universe next season or not, none of us do. It would be a crime to the show if we didn’t see the alternate universe, it’s the most important plot to the show. It’s the island to Lost, Greendale to Community, the model home to Arrested Development…you get my drift πŸ˜‰ Point is, it won’t be Fringe without our alts, so I believe 110% we will see them again. Although, that is what I said about our blue timeline characters…(still pissed about that).

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  2. willg says

    I have never seen that long of an interview with Jasika Nicole. She is really engaging and awesome. Loved her take on things. It’s fun to see that even the actors, though deep in these story lines, still find it difficult to keep everything straight.

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