FRINGE: Georgina Haig New Fringe Agent


The role of a new Fringe Agent has been filled by Aussie actress Georgina Haig.

As per Seriable:

She’ll play Etta, a new Fringe Agent  who shows up in this season’s Akiva Goldsman-directed 19th episode.

Etta is the partner of Henry Ian Cusick’s male agent. Whether they’ll be over here or over there agents remains to be seen — the info on that front has been a bit contradictory, perhaps intentionally so.

Haig’s character has more long-term potential that Cusick’s seemingly one-episode based gig, so it will be interesting to see how and where she factors into the overarching story; possibly depending on that fifth season.



    • starg8fans says

      Who knows, she may go blonde to me more like her Aunt Liv… 😉

      But personally, I think the name is just a red herring.

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    • Ben says

      She was in the season 3 finale, played by Emily Meade.

      I hope Haig isn’t being cast as Olivia’s long-lost other sister. What with her being a blonde Australian, that would be a little much.

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  1. Fringaholic says

    YAY! She’s so beautiful! Loved her as Zamira on The Elephant Princess! (Any EP fans out there?) Can’t wait!

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