FRINGE: ‘Forced Perspective’ Observes 58% Increase With 3 Days Of DVR


Fringe continues to gain a sizable bump from its huge time-shifted audience.

As per FOX Research, last Friday’s episode of Fringe — “Forced Perspective” — observed a 58% increase from the 1.2 live+ same day key demo rating to a 1.9 with 3 days of time-shifted data factored into the mythical Nielsen Machine.


    • willg says

      Agreed! It seems like no matter what the live numbers are we end up around 1.9. Good audience, if onlythey could watch live.

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      • James says

        Do you think Fringe could survive on any other day?

        Which day would be best for those viewers to watch it live too?

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        • Rick Terry says

          I say Fox needs to put Fringe on at 9-8 central on Monday, directly following Terra Nova at 8-7 central, and leading in to Alcatraz at 10-9 central. This I think would bring back all the viewers that DVR it on Friday due to weekend fun night, plus it puts all the Sci-fi serial shows onto one single night. Obviously this won’t ever happen because when Fox looks at Fringe all they see is a money pit. If only they’d open their damn eyes and see that any loss they’ve taken in live viewership is replaced by DVR viewers, then they’d see this solution. But I digress.

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          • Rick Terry says

            I forgot to add that my solution would also increase the potential of new viewership, just because of the lead in, and the lead out. Mondays are just so much more doable as far as live watching goes.

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            • James says

              Thing is, it would be great if Fox did move it and it was a success.

              But, at the moment it’s seen as a lost cause. Moving it is too much of a risk in Fox’s eyes.

              They risk alienating the “dedicated” Friday viewers too.

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              • says

                I don’t think that FOX would put all their eggs in one basket and schedule your triple dream line-up on one night Rick, although it would be a Great Monday if they did.

                The ratings remind me of the little engine that could, trying to overcome an impossible task. I am still optimistic the ratings will go up with each week.

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                • Rick Terry says

                  I wouldn’t call Terra Nova part of my dream Line-up but I get what you are saying. the thing is, TN does possess the viewers to possibly add to Fringe. And Alcatraz definitely has the Viewers to deposit some an hour before to watch Fringe.

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              • Rick Terry says

                “But, at the moment it’s seen as a lost cause. Moving it is too much of a risk in Fox’s eyes.”

                Hence why I said “Fox looks at Fringe all they see is a money pit.”

                As far as “Dedicated Friday viewers”…Trust me when I tell you I’d rather be watching it on any other day of the week, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Most of the “dedicated” Friday viewers are only there because they don’t have a choice, hence why the DVR numbers are so high.

                Friday just hates Fringe, and it would be awesome if Fox realized that it isn’t just Fringe’s fault that it is failing in the ratings. They need to take their own scheduling issues into account, and I mean they need to take a look at the series as a whole. It all started back when they decided to move it to Thursday, plus all the Hiatus (Brick wall for a serial narrative) time factored in, and Every year the World Series threatens to take the show down as well, this year it even succeeded, and Friday isn’t even typically a world series night.

                Fox loves to make this show difficult to follow, so any fan that has been there since the beginning has had much adversity to get through just to watch it every week live. No wonder casual and new fans don’t stick for too long.

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        • T says

          No and won’t happen (it had its chance).

          Fox has been more than generous to Fringe. The sad fact is the audience just isn’t big enough. If we (the fans) are left unsatisfied, the producers are soley to blame.

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          • willg says

            It definitely had its chance when it was on tuesdays and it was killing in the ratings. It was getting in the 4’s in the 18-49. It did so well they wanted to move it to thursdays to be able to compete there. That is where they messed up. I think if it was still on tuesdays, we would not even be talking about this. Oh well. I still love this show.

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  1. theNomad says

    It had far less opposition that night than it usually gets, so the increase over previous weeks is very misleading. Lets hope Fox didn’t notice and treats it has a plus, be a shame for them to pull the plug when its newer drama serials like Alcatraz & Terra Nova are so weak.

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