FRINGE Finale: Producers Put Alternate Endings To The Sword, [REDACTED] Beams Back?


The executive producers have moved to quash the notion that alternate endings were filmed for this season’s Fringe finale. Plus more teases.

Thanks to for the following (mild spoiler teases follow):

Here’s what Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman had to say during a conference call on Wednesday:

On the alternate endings that were apparently filmed, in case the show was picked up or axed:

Wyman: “No, we did not shoot an alternate ending. We thought about it, but we did not.”

On whether William Bell really is set to return to the fold following the reveal that he’s still alive:

Pinkner: “We basically erected a sign outside of Leonard’s house that says, ‘Please come back to Fringe,’ and we are hoping that by Season 5 he says yes.”

On whether the show will revisit the the totalitarian Observer state of 2036, as witnessed in “Letters of Transit”:

Pinkner: “That future is important to our storytelling, but it’s the not the be all and end all.”

And here’s a big one — with just 15 episodes remaining (at time of writing), do they know how the story will ultimately end:

Wyman: “We definitely know where the series is going to end and how it’s going to end and what we’re saying with the final season.”

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  1. says

    Enjoy the ride folks! :)
    It’s going to be amazing.

    Personally, i hope for a loop back to S1E1, but i am satisfied with the story sofar and trust where the writers will lead us to in the end. But for now: what a great rollercoaster of an adventure!

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  2. SissySiri says

    I could be totally wrong, but I think Season 1, 2, 3, and 4 are soon to be history. They were the wind up, the pitch and the home run. In my opinion there will be no loop back to Season 1 or any other. With 13 episodes in Season 5 they have to cover a lot of new territory and end it well. Of course they need to reference certain incidents in the past to move the story along, and even show some flashbacks, but nothing more. I hope the P/O story ends in a good way at Series Finale or my Fringe DVD’s are going in the circular file.

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  3. runthegamut says

    “We basically erected a sign outside of Leonard’s house that says, ‘Please come back to Fringe,’ and we are hoping that by Season 5 he says yes.”

    LOL I hope it works!

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  4. willg says

    I really like this season and I cant wait for the finale and for season five. It is going to be really good.

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  5. Darth Kate says

    I don’t care what you’re “saying” with the final season, Wyman. I just want the show to make sense again. Try working on that. More creative inspiration and less a$$-pulling please.

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  6. Cortexiphan Kid says

    We thought for a very long time, that they filmed two endings. No they say they didn’t.
    I guess that proves, that they knew, Fringe is going to get renewed for a very long time, and that the decision was made much earlier, and they were just playing mind games with us.

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    • Scott42444 says

      John Noble didn’t say that they shot 2 endings, he said that there is an extra cliff hanger scene that wouldn’t be aired if the show was cancelled. That means they are both telling the truth, since omitting a scene would technically provide a different outcome, but there aren’t 2 endings that were filmed. Next Friday we get to see everything that was shot.

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  7. ICE-H says

    I don’t care what he’s saying, I’m still hoping to see William Bell in the S4 finale. It will be a huge disappointment if he’s not there.

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  8. Rae says

    I bet they did shoot it…they just want to pretend they knew the whole time the show would go on….lol.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda love these guys.

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    • willg says

      No I agree with you on both accounts. It seems many people don’t like them but I do as well. I like their creativity despite the issues that many have about this season or that plotline or whatever. Overall I like their ideas. I also pictured Wyman as he is being interviewed; “Did you guys film an alternate ending episode” – Wyman “What?!! I have no idea what you are even talking about?” *Wyman secretly slides alternate ending recorded footage behind back* :)

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9

      • Ben says

        Agreed. I had my doubts early in the season about the time reboot, but it turned out to be a pioneering move for TV and it’s opened up some great storytelling. “Nothing As It Seems” for example. S4 can stand proudly with its fellows, and fingers crossed S5 is as good.

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    • says

      Me too, Rae. I also think this season ties up a lot of the loose ends from the previous three seasons.

      As great as Fringe is, it’s still a television show with 22 episodes at 44 mins. each. You can only go into so much detail. I trust these guys. I have been a fan of many shows and I have never felt such love from the folks behind the scenes. These guys are so available to the fandom, I can give them slack on some of the plot holes that do exist.

      In any event, the only thing that would send me through the roof is if they fool around the P/O relationship. : )

      Sorry, didn’t mean to go off on a rant.

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    • hsa says

      If it were not for these guys, Fringe would be in some hidden universe that we could not access, so all of you who are so critical of Wyman and Pinkner be grateful. I hope they make a bundle from the syndication and own a piece of the action.

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    • Scott42444 says

      Once again, I think John Noble said that they shot an extra scene that wouldn’t be aired if the show was not renewed. So, he is right and the producers are right in saying that there aren’t 2 endings that were shot. We are actually going to see everything that was filmed, but if the show were cancelled, we wouldn’t have seen the Season ending cliff hanger.

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  9. M says

    The alternate ending went in to the machine and created a bridge between universes. It never existed.

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  10. Ian S. says

    Yeah I’m thinking John Noble isn’t in the final scene, or else he wouldn’t have said what he said in the interviews. Interesting…

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  11. SissySiri says

    So your Honor, if they fibbed about this, “We basically erected a sign outside of Leonard’s house that says, ‘Please come back to Fringe,’ and we are hoping that by Season 5 he says yes.” That means they could be fibbing about this, “No, we did not shoot an alternate ending. We thought about it, but we did not.” I rest my case.

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