FRINGE: Final Season Promo — Dream Or Flashback?


Fox debuted an Etta-focused promo over the weekend, providing an emotionally-charged glimpse into the terrifying moment [SPOILER] Olivia and Peter’s little ray of hope was seemingly snatched by the Badservers.

As much of the talk in the fandom has been about whether the tense scene is a dream sequence or flashback, we thought it would be a good idea to put it to poll in a central location:

First, a refresher (note: various 5.01 clips are contained with the video, for screencaps go Seriable):

Does the manner in which the “Ettaaaaah!” scene is filmed lead you to believe we’re looking at a dream/nightmare, akin to those seen as recently as Season 4 — or does it give off the tell-tale vibes of a flashback? Share your mind in the poll/comments below!

Fringe Season 5 "Etta" Promo Is..

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  1. Nel says

    At first i thought it was a flashback but now I defintely think its a dream. I remember seeing a dream sequence or two in past episodes with the greens, blues, and other soft colors in it. Plus, in real life Etta should be responding to Peter screaming his lungs out. And why isn’t Olivia yelling either?

    Pretty sure it’s Peter’s dream.

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  2. Tom says

    I think we will see Season 5 open with a series of scenes from now to 2036 showing what happens to the team, how they get ambered, who raises Etta, all that before we get the action so not really a flashback or a dream. :)

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  3. Maris says

    Honestly, I think that is a flashback in a dream, it’ very possible. Peter or even Etta (sometimes you can remember thinks from your childhood in a dream, especially if you passing for a moment of a extreme emotional stress) remembering what happened in the day that the Bad Observer arrived.

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  4. TFT says

    I want this to be a flashback, so flashback. The final season needs some terrifying and emotional moments like this.

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  5. Lincless says

    Hope it’s a dream, but I fear it’s reality (flashback).
    It just looks like Wyman, who tends to undermine authenticity with ochestration imo…

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  6. Roneo says

    The scene has an air of irreality, for me. So I’ll go with the dream, or at least, a memory told/remembered by Peter (it seems to me we’re seeing it from his point of view). Not a direct narrative of facts flash-back.

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  7. rafa says

    i think it’s a dream. i commented on the other post about the preview about how the dates don’t match, the last time etta saw her parents was after the purge, or they made a continuity error. that plus the “aura” of the scene – similar to other dream scenes in the series, and focusing on peter’s perception – makes me strongly believe it’s a dream.

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  8. rafa says

    maybe the dream was a simplifyed image of the fact that peter not having etta anymore was related to the observer’s actions

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  9. Ian S. says

    It’s 50/50 for me, a dream or a flashback both make sense. If it was a dream, it would show that character’s inner turmoil and emotions which is important character development, and if it’s a flashback it paints a very vivid and frighteningly real picture for the world we’re about to enter this season. Personally I hope it’s the latter, as I think that would add more gravity coming into the season, but either way it works :)

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