FRINGE Final Season & Complete Series DVD Release Date & First-Look


The release date and box art for Fringe The Final Season and Complete Series on DVD and Blu-ray have surfaced online.

Both Fringe: The Final Season and Fringe: The Complete Series (Seasons 1-5) will release May 20, 2013, according to Amazon UK, with pre-order available now for UK residents. Check them out below:

Fringe The Final Season DVD & Blu-Ray



Fringe – The Complete Series – Seasons 1-5



We’ll let you know when the above sets are available on Amazon US.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the heads-up.


  1. James says

    It doesn’t seem right not having our team on the cover.

    But then the promo shots for this season weren’t really the best.

    A sacrifice I suppose in reduced budget.

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  2. says

    I’ll order the complete box.
    I already have S1, S2 and S3, but i’m going for the complete box, because lending out all these years have taken their toll on the season boxes πŸ˜€

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    • Scott42444 says

      Same here. Plus, I would like to continue sending out while still having my copies at home.

      Might have to go with Blu Ray this time. I usually try to stick to DVD, since I only have 2 BluRay players at home (opposed to 6 DVD players on the different televisions) AND it makes it easier to lend to someone. But, like I said, when I invest in the complete series I am going to make sure that I keep that one at home. Unless there is a major difference between the DVD and BD versions of the complete series and the DVD box set has more or more preffered features.

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      • Surun Tunne says

        I’m pretty sure, the blu-ray box will have more special features as the dvd box.
        I’m gonna buy it on blu-ray because I want the best quality and I also already have seasons 1-4 on blu-ray :)

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          • James says

            I would love if we just had an hour-long (or more, I don’t mind!) interview with Joel explaining everything, including things they didn’t have the space to include in the series, but that is still considered canon.

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  3. Hatch says

    Hopefully that isn’t the final box art for the last season. It’s always been one of the promo posters with the team, so I assumed it would be the “spraypainted” looking poster.

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  4. _lost_stef_ says

    Can’t they bring out an awesome complete series box set just like lost did?

    I’ve already got 1-4 on BluRay and 1-3 on DVD. If the complete one isn’t one like Losts I’m just gonna get season 5 BluRay and hopefully they release a better one down the track

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  5. Ian S. says

    I love both covers, especially the complete series one. At first I didn’t like that our team was on it but in a sense our team isn’t even our team but versions of our team with the memories of our team and there are alternates of both of those and basically what I’m trying to say is that Fringe is such a mesh of characters from all over time and space that it’s kinda nice to see such a simple design on the front!

    Now, I would love to see every character in a picture though, including the doubles.

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  6. Jas Friedman says

    Maybe there will be spin offs? A movie? The best sci-fi show to date, so spread the word, right? Watch the finale!

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    • WaySeeker says

      The X-Files has movies! Stargate had a couple movies after! Even BSG has some after-life! Heck, even Firefly got a movie!

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    • Ian S. says

      I can see it gaining huge numbers on Netflix because there’d be no stupid breaks from Fox and maybe next year Netflix would expand the plot, perhaps show what happened between 2012-2015?

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  7. DeepRunner says

    The box set is something worth having.


    Simply. The. Best. Sci-Fi. Show. Ev-uh. (NY accent impersonated). :)

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  8. Victor says

    At the current exchange rate the set would cost 107 dollars, which sounds about right for an entire series set

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  9. Teresa says

    I miss it already, I have all episodes on DVD but still find myself Tivo’ing the reruns. JJ Abrams is working on something new but Im not sure if anything will come close to Fringe.

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  10. Eric says

    My hopes are high that this boxed set has a bunch of sneaky little surprises. I really can’t wait to send the wife and kids away for a weekend and try to figure out what happened after season 3. Love this show!

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