FRINGE: Fan Favorite Returns, Alexis Raich To Guest


A fan favorite is set to return to the fold and Alexis Raich signs on for a ‘strange’ role. Head past the jump for more on both stories (major spoiler alert).


Those jonesing for a good villain will be pleased to know that Jared HarrisDavid Robert Jones is returning to Fringe in an upcoming story, slated to unfold after the holiday lowatus. Speaking about the return of one of Fringe‘s finest sons, Joshua Jackson said:

“I don’t want to give away the why [of Jones’ return], because if you’ve been watching from the very beginning it’s a very satisfying reveal.”

With Jones still alive in the new timeline courtesy of young Peter’s demise, Jackson is excited to revisit season 1 mythology:

“From a personal standpoint, the fact that we’re basically going to go back to Season 1 and rehash all of that stuff is super-cool.”

And he seems confident that the story will hit the mark, calling it “the best of the stories I’ve been involved in since I’ve been back.”

Jones’ return looked possible after Harris spoke fondly about the show last summer:

“I don’t know [if I’m returning] yet. I’m not sure what’s going on but I love the show and I am a fan of it. I’ve watched every single episode that they’ve made and I’m fascinated by what they are doing with the show. I mean Leonard Nimoy​ possessing Olivia Dunham​’s body was absolutely genius. It was f—ing great! I love that show so yes, I’d be up for doing it again.”

Elsewhere, Alexis Raich has signed on for an upcoming episode. The actress will play Emily — a girl with a mysterious ‘curse’ that may very well turn out to be a gift for the Fringe team.

Source: TV Line

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  1. James says

    Accidently “ruined” this on the forum the other day without realising.

    Would really appreciate my account being unbanned since it said the date of my unbanning would be the 28th.

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  2. lizw65 says

    I’ve known about thsi for some time but just wanted to say how excited I am–Jones was THE best villain the show has created, bar none.

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  3. charliefan19 says

    Yes!!!!! I’m excited. I’m also excited to see him as Professor Moriarty in the new “Sherlock Holmes.” Such a great villain :)

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  4. says

    I was so immersed with work lately, thank god I ran into your blog to remind me fringe is back :)
    With the whole new exciting storyline and some interesting characters coming in, can’t wait to see next episodes!!

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  5. mlj102 says

    As excited as I am by the news that Jones will be back, I just have to say that I am so mad that, because of the World Series intervening in Fringe’s schedule, we won’t get this episode until AFTER the holidays, despite the fact that it was designed to be the Fall finale. It’s bad enough that Game 7 meant we had to go an extra week without Fringe, but it’s even worse that it messed up the schedule and we’ll have to wait super long for this episode that, from everything I’ve heard, is extraordinary. I know it’s a minor thing, but it’s still irritating. Couldn’t they just bump Kitchen Nightmares one night and give us two episodes of Fringe? Now that would be glorious. It’ll never happen, but as the saying goes: Imagine the Impossibilities!

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  6. Cheyenne says

    I’m so happy about this and I’m hoping Jared Harris will return to new season of MAD MEN next year!!!!

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  7. Sanj says

    Finally, some news worth getting excited about….bring on David Robert Jones! That is, as long as it doesn’t get preempted or delayed. At this point Fox needs to smarten up…even us die hard fans are getting really sick of this runaround. It’s November and we’ve only had four bloody episodes? The casual viewers in my house have either lost interest or completely lost the plot. And I am just getting annoyed.

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    • ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

      I think they (Fox) are slowly “poisoning” Fringe until it dies of “natural causes”– people will just get tired of being jerked around with pre-emptions and lowatuses and lose interest and then they don’t have to give it a “pity” renewal to appease the fans.

      I sincerely wish they would put it on another night and really nurture it. In a perfect world, I’m hoping for a move to Monday night with a Terra Nova lead-in or Alcatraz.

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      • mlj102 says

        As irritated as I am by the pre-emptions and the delays (see my previous comment), I really don’t think we can blame FOX for this one. FOX has programmed Fringe the same as it has for all of its shows. All FOX shows got affected by baseball in one form or another – even X-Factor got delayed due to rain pushing a game on a night it had been scheduled. FOX can’t help that. As for being on Friday night, sure, Fringe might do better on a Monday or Tuesday night, but there is a certain protection that comes from being on Friday night. Friday tends to be the night where nothing happens. Networks schedule shows that are of no consequence that they expect to bring in lower ratings. Fringe is actually a show of substance that could do well. Of course Fringe won’t be expected to get blockbuster ratings on Friday night. And if it can hold up decent ratings, it can survive there. I wouldn’t get all upset at FOX over those kinds of things because I think they really are trying where Fringe is concerned (though I am still upset that they won’t give us the Fall Finale until after the Winter holidays…).

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  8. Ben says

    It’s gratifying that Harris didn’t have to be browbeaten, that he’s been wanting to come back. He seems like a true friend of the show.

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    • Mel Duff says

      He was annoying on “Days of our Lives”, and I didn’t start watching “Fringe” until I heard he was in a “coma”, or whatever Nina did to him at MD’s labs. Emotional judgement? Yes.

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  9. FringeFriday says

    When I saw the last season’s ending and the bridge creating….. over the summer I wondered what changed, and I knew they had to bring David Robert Jones back, I just knew it. and it made sense, since Peter had never been there to push the button that closed the portal and killed DRJ. I am soooooo dying to see him again!!!!!! I am just so curious if there was a “light experiment” on that roof with Olivia!!!

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  10. FlashWriter says

    I don’t think I’ve kept it a secret that I considered Jones to be the best villian the series has produced. I am ecstatic that he’s coming back. I think we now have the makings of a show that could take off like a rocket. All FOX has to do is air the episodes and we can just stand back and see it happen. That’s in AIR THE EPISODES. You can’t launch a rocket unless you hit the “fire” button… But Jones is back and I just can’t wait to see him again. WAHOOOOO!!!

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  11. J.P. says

    This news has been out for a while, actually. But, still… JONES IS BACK! The best villain on the show, and I hope that he won’t be back for a few filler episodes before dying again. Every good show has a good villain — as much as Walternate has filled that role in the past, I look at him like Ras al Ghul from “Batman Begins”, not a traditional villain, but just a man who’s been pushed too hard. Jones could very well become Fringe’s Joker, someone consumed by their own brilliant and skewed perspective, who wants nothing more than chaos.

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  12. M says

    Best news ever. Ever. Fringe treats its fans well.

    DRJ was never killed because Peter never sliced him in half. Now he’s in the alternate universe. He probably killed Bell and took his shape-shifter research, which explains why he was trying to cross over in the first place.

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  13. Leslie Leigh says

    I’m SO EXCITED to see Jared Harris back on Fringe! I love the show, but sometimes there can be good episodes and bad episodes. Hopefully, the writers will up their game, because he’s been having a great time on Mad Men in the last two years. I can always tell when the episode is written by the talented writers, and when it’s an “Akiva Goldman” piece of obvious one-liner crap. Fingers crossed for good writing in his episodes, people!

    (Oh, and it was soooooooooooo awesome to see him in SH2 as Moriarty!!!! The man is hot.)

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