FRINGE: Everything In Its Right Place — Noble Intentions


Here’s the Noble Intentions video from “Everything In Its Right Place”.


  1. Tash says

    lol i loved how they put gene in the hat and jacket:)
    I’m a bit confused how the fbi had cow sized things though, i wouldn’t think they had a lot of cows in fbi :) unless the guy who ran it got a bit pissed and decided they needed a Bovine division :)

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    • Tash says

      this is a kinda random thought but the thought of cows got me on to it
      Do you reckon that they will be sending sheep and stuff to the other side through the bridge,to repopulate,as all the sheep from the other side died out???
      They could do it with coffee beans and stuff as well :)

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  2. Walternate says

    I’d like to see what Seth Gabel has to say about this episode. I mean, it was centered around both of his characters.

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  3. says

    Does anyone else think that it is funny that Walter, Peter, and Olivia realize that Gene is depressed, but no one notices that Lincoln is ?

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  4. JM says

    As my comment is awaiting moderation (has a link in it) ive just found a very interesting new joshua jackson interview on youtube from give me my remote tv. He basically confirms that the writer have just “glossed over” as he puts it the relationship between peter and walter and between peter and the rest of the characters, and that the only moment we are going to get of reconciliation was that hug between peter and walter in 4.16, and from this point on we are to accept that all the relationships are as they should be.

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    • JM says

      He also stated that the idea that a woman is self sufficent and who has an “iron will” would give up the memories of her life for a man is ” a tough sell” so they wont dwell on it at all for the rest of the season.

      He also said that the characters getting their memories back hasnt been “what the season was about” i have to ask people, what were those 15 episodes for then!?

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    • number six says

      “He basically confirms that the writer have just โ€œglossed overโ€ as he puts it the relationship between peter and walter and between peter and the rest of the characters, and that the only moment we are going to get of reconciliation was that hug between peter and walter in 4.16”

      I would have found this very upsetting ages ago, when I had a higher opinion of the show. Nowadays, I don’t expect any different. Of course, they will gloss over it! ๐Ÿ˜€

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        • JM says

          FRINGE: Now That Olivia Remembers Peter and Her Timeline, Is Walter Next? Josh Jackson Weighs In

          If you type that into youtube you will find the vid

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        • number six says

          I don’t know, but after some time struggling with it, I decided to try and enjoy the show for what it is and stop deluding myself, that it ever was something special. I used to look at it through the Peter/Walter relationship rosy-colored glasses, but now they are broken (and so is the show). It’s okay, it’s more enjoyable this way, than hoping for more, but getting these half-hearted attempts.

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          • Liz says

            If the finale for this season leave me unsatisfied, I will “gloss” over the whole season 4. and erase my memory of it ๐Ÿ˜€
            … until then, I will try not to be judgmental too soon…

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          • willg says

            I disagree. I still think the show is something very special. I believe the Walter and Peter relationship is important, but I think they are saying that the Peter Olivia relationship is more important. After all Fringe is ultimately Olivia’s story, and the characters, including Peter are there to support that. I also still think the show is as good as it ever was. I will agree that the beginning third of this season was slow, but whatever you think of it, it was there to develop the latter part of this season. It is still a great show reflecting many relationships with the different characters; that is father and son and love relationships and FBI cow agent relationships:). Seriously though, I still think this show is smart and profound and still has alot to say. I know it does not focus on what people want it to, but it is what it is. It is the best show on TV and one of my favorite shows of all time.

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