FRINGE: ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ Leaps 60% With 3 Days Playback


Fringe continues to time-shift strong. Last Friday’s episode jumped 60%, from a 1.0 to 1.6 in the key demo, with 3 days of playback factored in.

As per @FOXResearch:

In A18-49, last Friday’s #Fringe gained +60% with 3 days of playback vs. Live + Same Day (1.6 vs. 1.0); #TheFinder gained +36% (1.5 vs. 1.1)


  1. Dylan says

    question; say someone watches the show live, but records it simultaneously. A few days afterwards they watch their recording.

    Is this registered as 1 or as 2 viewings in terms of audience records?

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    • Rick Terry says

      It is only registered if said person is a Neilson viewer. But in that case I’d say it is twice registered.

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    • Robert Ariadne says

      Probably not, as DVR numbers don’t produce the revenue that live viewing does; but let’s hope it influences them to some degree.

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  2. LastManInSpace says

    If in fact, as rumors suggest, Fringe’s fate is being decided this week the big L+3 gains and the tvguide win for favorite drama have me optimistic:)

    Go Fringe Go!

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      • Robert Ariadne says

        So am I. At this point, I’m cautiously optimistic. I think we’re going to get the news tonight; because today is the night before the airing of the 18th episode of this season, and last year we got renewed the night before the airing of the 18th episode of last season (Bloodline).

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        • shidey17 says

          Well let’s all keep our fingers crossed. I’ve been checking my Twitter feed like crazy for good news. I hope it comes soon.

          And not to start anything, but I really think the show needs a final season where the producers absolutely know the season finale is the series finale. Pinkner and Wyman have said that they felt every season finale could function as a great series finale, and I just don’t buy that. So, hopefully we will get a final season to wrap things up and not be left hanging by whatever’s in store for the last episode of season 4.

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  3. Rae says

    Holy shit! 1.6 is an excellent rating for a Friday show! Oh yeah, wahoo!!! And congrats to this amazing show for winning Drama of the Year! I’m just so elated right now!

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  4. lost_stef says

    i was watching Entertainment Tonight & they rekon Fringe is likely to be renewed. so thats good news that they said it on there i think lol :)

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  5. David says

    Another terrific episode of Fringe corresponds with another great DVR number, which hopefully will help the chances of a 5th or at least partial 5th season renewal.
    For too long shows that had great potential had premature ends due to the fact that Networks only used the Neilson System as a guide to monitoring a shows overall performance, instead of factoring in these DVR numbers with the live numbers, which certainly boosts a shows percentage as well as hopefully is used as a positive when deciding a shows renewal prospects.
    If this were the case then plenty of other shows not only Fringe would have survived at least a season more to give their fans the proper endings that they and the cast and crew had so long sort, and left them in no doubt that the show had well and truely come to an end.

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  6. Underseer says

    This is why an online digital distribution network seems to make more sense to me than the old model that Fox et al have.

    If Fringe was in the Netflix stable (or a similar outfit), I suspect there would be no talk of cancellation at this juncture.

    Fox judges success according to a narrow time window of viewership, using an antiquated system (Nielsen) whereas online distribution’s metric is far more representative and relevant, as far as I can see anyway.

    Fox, don’t cancel Fringe, give it to Netflix — you’ll still make money!!!

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  7. Cortexiphan Kid says

    That’s fantastic news!
    This, and Fringe becoming the favorite TV drama in a same week?

    Oh, this week is geting better and better!

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  8. shidey17 says

    If they cancel, they’re idiots. I don’t watch much TV – there’s too much crap out there – but if they cancel Fringe, I think that’ll be the fatal blow to my hope for humanity.

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      • shidey17 says


        Yes, I’ve been following it on Twitter. I’m not sure what to make of Wyman’s Twitter feed. He seems optimistic yet worried in my opinion. I do think it’s been really great the way the producers, crew, cast, etc. have reached out to fans and jumped on the social media bandwagon.

        I’m banking on Fox renewing as a way to make peace with all the fans who feel jilted about Firefly, Sarah Connor Chronicles, etc…
        I know the ratings aren’t where they need to be for the network to be making money, but I really think they will struggle finding an audience for a sci-fi/fantasy show in the future if they cancel Fringe now. Just my opinion…

        What’s your take? Think we’ll get good news soon?

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        • Rick Terry says

          I said it on , and I said it elsewhere too. I think Wyman already knows it WILL be renewed, I just don’t think he’d have made that Tweet if he really thought it wouldn’t be done. Why hype a cancellation? Also if talks of a movie are off, then that tells me we won’t need a tie-it-all-together because we will get a final season. Just my take.

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  9. Tash says

    ‘Fringe continues to time-shift strong. Last Friday’s episode jumped 60%, from a 1.0 to 1.6 in the key demo, with 3 days of playback factored in.
    As per @FOXResearch:
    In A18-49, last Friday’s #Fringe gained +60% with 3 days of playback vs. Live + Same Day (1.6 vs. 1.0); #TheFinder gained +36% (1.5 vs. 1.1)’
    Erm…Not to sound thick but wtf does that mean???

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    • Rick Terry says

      1.0 and 1.6 is the percentage of people in the key demographic out of all the people polled who watched the show. Live ratings were at 1.0 (meaning that 1.0 percent of people watching the show were in the key demo [18-49 years old]) but after they factored in the live plus 3 days after viewings via DVR it came to a 1.6, which meant it went up by 60% .6 is 60% of 1.0_ Hope this clears it up for you.

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      • Tash says

        Cheers it does a bit haha my brians gone a bit dopey since ive been off school nearly 2 weeks
        1.6% percent seems pretty good :)

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          • Rick Terry says

            The only people who actually count and are polled are people that the Neilson Ratings system has installed special boxes in their homes, and/or people who fill out the Neilson questionnaires that are mailed to them. This is a totally random process that polls a certain amount of people who are supposed to represent the entire nation of TV viewers. These people are given a small amount of “Thank You” money for participating, and you cannot contact them but they will randomly contact you. Of course this is only in America. They don’t poll and outside countries. Google “Neilson Ratings” for more info.

            Unfortunately this system has been in place for 50+ years, and is totally outdated due to all the different forms of media being used to watch television. This system technically only counts live television viewing via a normal cable box, or digital satellite box or digital over the air signal due to there being no fast forward, but in recent years it has begun to count the DVR viewing as well but it throws out any polled sets that are fast forwarded. So Long story short if you are not one of the select few who have a Neilson box attached to your television, or are being polled via mail, then you are not technically being counted.

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          • Rick Terry says

            Also Demographics are a certain group of people that the advertisers are targeting. The 18-49 demo is by far the largest, and also supposedly the most money spending group. That is why when you watch television the ads seem to be targeting a certain age group. Like say you were watching the disney channel, you’d see ads for a lot of toys and games, and breakfast cereals. The demo group in that situation is 2-12 (and their parents too). Then watch something like gossip girl, and notice that there is a lot of ads for teenaage things. Then watch something like 60 minutes. and notice the ads for Geritol and life insurance (old folks)

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  10. lizw65 says

    FWIW, Ausiello has just upgraded the show to “a sure thing” for renewal. Dunno if he has inside info or not.

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