FRINGE: Etta/Resist Teaser


Fox has issued a new teaser for Friday’s “An Origin Story”. Watch “Etta/Resist”..

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  1. _lost_stef_ says

    Wow, that teaser was awesome…. i was excited before and now im even much more excited. (if thats even possible)

    loved the audio…. going to be a great episode :)

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  2. ML says

    Basically Etta being taken from Peter and Olivia again gives them a chance to grieve differently this time. Olivia totally wants to feel now as oppose to the first time. Peter who didn’t join Walter and Olivia to fight the first time now only wants to fight.
    Hopefully this time Olivia and Peter find away towards each other this time.
    Great stuff.

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      • ML says

        yeah basically and the outcome will be different too. This time will bring them together, I think. It may take a few episodes but they will get back together.
        Wyman loves them too much for them not to. haha

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        • _lost_stef_ says

          Yeah totally agree that they will end up together otherwise i think the whole Fringe Fandom will hunt Wyman down and kill him!!! he always said this season was a love letter to fans so what better way to keep us all happy :) Polivia are OTLF (one true love forever)

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  3. Ambered says

    Awesome! Just awesome. It was like watching a summer movie trailer.

    Where did Peter get that contraption? Are there stasis runes in there? Did Peter put up the resist posters? The face of the revolution is now in plain sight. No more hiding because shes dead.

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