FRINGE: Episode 4.19 Title Revealed


The title for Episode 4.19 has been revealed. Head below the jump to find out what it is..

Episode 4.19 is titled “Letters Of Transit.”

You can find out more at Seriable and keep track of this episode here.

Source: Masked Scheduler | HT: Kal


  1. Ben says

    Eoco points out the Casablanca connection to the title (letters that allow people to travel away from Nazi occupation are valuable within the movie.) I wonder if that has anything to do with the episode.

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    • PB says

      The Casablanca connection definitely makes sense Ben, thanks. I doubt the writers will travel down the same road twice with another musical but 4.19 will definitely be weird whatever they’ve cooked up.

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  2. DeepRunner says

    Casablanca has shown-up in Fringe before, just before Peter got the call telling him that Olivia was trapped in Red World. It would be great if they did another film noir sort of like Brown Betty, with sultry, bluesy jazz in the background and maybe some cast members singing. I REALLY enjoyed the episode (one of my 2 or 3 favorites). It was another example of why Fringe is so good, and why this eppy looks HIGHLY intriguing.

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