FRINGE: Episode 4.09 — Sneak Peek


Grab a first extended look at Friday’s Fringe continuation with this new “Enemy Of My Enemy” sneak peek.



  1. Chi says

    Cannot wait! Last night’s episode was very exciting – brought up a lot of surprises: Walternate good, Broyles bad, September dying, Brandonate shape-shifted… uhm whattt????

    And that’s not to mention the whole Olivia dying thing + the return of DRJ… so glad the hiatus is over πŸ˜€


    How come AltElizabeth looked so young?

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    • YourPique says

      I think it had to be on purpose…this alt-Elizabeth probably knew that her Peter died in the lake after crossing over, so she did not endure the extra stress of always wondering if her son was alive, and if so, where was he…she had closure, and probably led a less stressful life.

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      • hal says

        its not that uncommon for older people to still look young… plus shes married to a rich guy so shes probably healthy and junk..

        i thought about it too πŸ˜›

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  2. Red Balloon says

    Beautiful!, scenes at the lab always give me nostalgia….Can’t wait for next week!

    On the other hand: Sneak peak?….That was a whole scene…I got to try and stop watching this promos.

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    • Ben says

      At least it’s not like Undercovers, where NBC put about 90% of the pilot up somewhere or another before it even aired.

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  3. Cody says

    My guess is its Septembers blood when he shortly disappeared in front of Olivia. I’m sure Olivia wanted to know who the heck that bald guy was! lol

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    • MarkA says

      Attractive as your hypothesis is, I very much doubt Olivia would have been able to collect so much blood from September in the brief moment she approached him. In addition, how can we justify her access to an empty blood container to collect the sample? Do you think she carries a number of such containers in her pockets, just in case?

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      • Red Balloon says

        What about in her NISSAN LEAF car?…that car does wonders and I bet it could hold an entire lab on the trunk πŸ˜‰

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        • MarkA says

          That’s probably absurd. Even if she had a full lab in her Nissan, how would she get a significant blood sample from September after his disappearance? There was no evidence that material remains were left behind after September’s vanishment.

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          • Red Balloon says

            Lol..that was a joke, but ok…As for the sample…I don’t see liquid blood in this sample, is more like there’s a white label or else. Isn’t blood usually recollected with a qtip?. As for the observer, wasn’t he sat down?, so there could have been a spot of blood there.

            Of course it could be Olivia’s blood too.

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        • shidey17 says

          lol I’m sure if her car couldn’t handle the blood collection, her SPRINT PHONE probably has a dna scanner on it or something.

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  4. celticnorse says

    Not to be complain-y but is there a better source for these vids/clips/sneak peaks? They all seem to come from Fringe Latino and they are all choppy and very low resolution. Just wondering if there is a better source out there…

    Also glad Fringe is back!

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  5. Red Balloon says

    Look in youtube for tvtimes under this title Fringe 4×09 “Enemy of My Enemy” Preview (2)

    …it’s a little better.

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