FRINGE Episode 3.21 Promo Photo

Here’s a promotional photo for Fringe 3.21 – “The Last Sam Weiss” airing Friday, April 29th.

Check it out after break.


Thanks to Emily and MonDragon for sending this through.


    • says

      You’re right, she looks bemused to say the least. I half expect her to say, “A pen? Are you kidding me? We have a million of those over here!” I’m sure there is more to it, notice her gloved hand touching what looks like part of the “machine”.

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    • Annebeth says

      I had the same thing. She looks almost like a totally different person, older. But maibe it’s just an odd still of her, you know. Like when you pauze in the middle of something, it can look weird…

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  1. loveit says

    I had forgotten, but all the pen references from earlier this season…did anyone figure out what they were in reference too? Or is it still an ‘active’ clue?

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  2. HELL says

    Olivia and the Pen-men:

    Peter saves a dying…..Pen
    Milo and his famous….Pen
    now… Sam weiss and his tricky…..Pen 😀

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