FRINGE Episode 3.20 Promo Photo

Here’s a promotional photo for Fringe 3.20 – 6:02 AM EST airing Friday, April 22nd.

Check it out after break.



  1. says

    For the record (as in perspective from 3.19 on): i really, Really, REALLY hate those guys right now. Thjey’re going to kill someone (someones, somethings) we really came to like in S3.

    I hope Sam Weiss (ór September) will even the score with these two.

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  2. Frobz says

    Completely and utterly off-topic: re-watched “Brown Betty” tonight as penance for past sins. Was much better than I remembered.

    Nice detail everyone probably missed: Peter askes Olivia if she likes jazz. What’s playing when he asks it? “Freddy Freeloader” by Miles Davis…off the album called “KIND OF BLUE.” Get it? Blue universe?

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  3. Rich says

    you know….Shepherd Smith would make a great young Walter Bishop if he could mimic his accent. Its all Fox….should be easy to crossover.

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  4. says

    What if… just what if…
    the red verse is nothing else than a dream or computerprogram?
    Has anyone thought of that? It’s just a thought, but nevertheless….

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    • says

      Just rewatched the interview with the ‘Two-Headed Monster’ (Wyman/Pinkner) about the aftermath of ‘Os’.
      If you listen closely about whát they say for future episodes:

      1. If there is an afterlife.
      2. Do souls excist.
      3. William Bell will continue to play an important role.

      Then you also can conclude from that, that maybe the red verse is afterlife (the Vacuum?), amber being purgatory (ór coma/unconscious/dream) and blue the life that is.

      Then also, what Michael Cerveris recently said about his role as an Observer, for him it feels like playing an angel and without reason or emotion he Observes out human lifes.

      Also, it would explain how the ‘soul magnets’ do their work, since Olivia is receptive to them, as would a medium in our world be receptive to ghosts, channeling them through their own body.

      I might be right, i might be wrong, but Fringe goes in deep into these kinds of matter. I love it!

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  5. Fring3Fri3nd says

    John Noble is a great actor – I look at walternate and don’t feel like I am looking at the same actor that portrays walter – amazing how he creates a completely different persona – and it even comes through in the photos!! Truely Amazing.

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