Fringe Episode 3.09 Sneak Peek

Fox has released a sneak peek from Thursday’s brand new Fringe episode. Head past the jump to get an early glimpse at 3.09 “Marionette”.



  1. Alex says

    Looking forward to seeing how Peter tells her “everything”.

    Poor thing – it’s going to hurt her so much

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  2. Anjali says

    Oh my. Olivia is going to have an emotional breakdown.. I can feel it. Good, she needs to have one. She’s been through soo much!!

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  3. runthegamut says

    I had wondered if the Greek phrase was an audible clue to next week. Peter knows how much withholding the truth hurts because of his father, therefore he would be the better man. From the promo, it looks like there is quite a fallout.

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  4. says

    Olivia will hold up, no matter how Peternate brings the news. That ‘relation’ was reset in 3.08. Period.
    Now: whó will be reanimated? Who’s the marionette?

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  5. bdp says

    As I was watching this clip, even though we all kinda knew Peter would tell Olivia the truth, I was glad to hear him say he was going to do it even though how knows how bad the consequences may be for him and the relationship he wants with Olivia. And before Walter even responded I thought to myself “I hope Olivia finds some way to understand how hard it must be for Peter too, to admit how badly he screwed up to her and she sees how kind of noble and good it is of him to at least be able to admit it to her” so I loved the fact that Walter finished that scene by saying “You’re a good man Peter…she knows that.”

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  6. nalex1013 says

    I think Olivia will be so hurt for a long time but eventually she’ll appreciate his honesty. Feel so sorry for both of them.

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  7. real1 says

    I just hope that Peter will feel her no matter what her reaction ….. Peter for now should prove for her his love and care …. Olivia isn’t like Alt-olivia … Peter should search on that key .

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