Fringe Episode 3.09 Promo – With Added Bones

I’m sure many people have a bone to pick with Peter, not least Olivia. But for the time-being we’ll have to make do with this new Bones/Fringe 3.09 “Marionette” promo instead.

Head past the fold to see shiny images from the future.

Bones/Fringe 3.09 “Marionette” Promo



  1. real1 says

    Peter you have to see … where Olivia is wearing her watch ….. don’t tell me you will not notice this 😉

    I think Olivia will put Peter in to many tests !

    Can’t wait to see this episode . Amazing show .

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  2. runpaceyrun says

    Ive gotta say that i am hanging out for this episode. I just hope that Peter doesnt tell Olivia about him at Altliv right at the end of the episode. I will scream if that happens…..i dont want to go into the lowatus waiting, worrying, stressing! Gotta love Fringe!

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      • runpaceyrun says

        I just cant get rid of this sense of dread that it will happen that way. This feeling just wont leave me alone. I just want to be left with a little bit of hope……i just cant wait for this episode!

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  3. italianstalian says

    was it me or did that lil garden where olive was sittin in the chair with her head in her hands remind you of alice in wonder land?

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  4. Karo says

    [i]Head past the fold to see shiny images from the future.[/i]

    Oh Roco. That’s kind of poetic. :)

    So things look tough for Olivia in this ep huh? I’m guessing the reaction in the garden has something to do with the case, maybe it affected/disturbed her a bit.

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    • says

      Your probably right. You see Olivia breaking down and Peter in the foreground walking rosacea her. So one could assume that she is breaking down after because Peter just gave her a play by play of what he’s been up to the last 8 weeks. Again, I think your right and this is a case related reaction. It is a case about cute up bodies, and removing internal organs; I can understand that it would hit close to home for Olivia. It wasn’t to long she was on Brandonate’s dissection table.

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  5. says

    Wow, that is an interesting promo. I agree with everyone about the garden. It looks fake. The case seems pretty intense and has a great impact on Olivia’s emotional state. Poor Livvy… she has been through a lot of traumatic events lately, take it easy girl.

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  6. FinChase says

    So this is going to be Agent Dunham’s toughest challenge yet? Really? After all she’s been through? The mind boggles at the thought!

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