Fringe Episode 3.08 Behind The Scenes Photos

Here’s another early peek at tonight’s Fringe episode “Entrada”, with a handful of behind the scenes photos.

Fringe 3.08 “Entrada” BTS Photos:

via: Fox | jimhalterman

Thanks to Emily for sending these through.

Quote of the day:  “If this doesn’t convince you to watch Fringe, then I don’t know what will.”


  1. fedorafadares says

    Is that train schedule on the other side? I think I remember the “LM” logo from buses on the Milo episode in the alt-verse. (Only because those are my daughter’s initials!)

    Will they try to extract AltLivia from a moving train? The geek side of me would love this since Einstein posited that people on a moving train actually time-travel, to a degree, when observed by someone on the platform. An overly simplistic statement on Galileo and Einstein’s relativity theories, but still…

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  2. Pam says

    I wonder why there has been no comment from the producers/writers/actors regarding Fringe schedule change! They must have an idea now whether there will be a 4th season or not…..

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    • Anjali says

      There was a conference call with them yesterday and they spoke about how they are going to go into Fridays with 100% confidence. I suspect details will be up later this week.

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  3. runpaceyrun says

    The actors on Fringe always look like they are having fun. It must be a great place to work. Josh Jackson…..looking good in a bullet proof vest and weilding a gun!
    Happy Entrada day Fringies……this episode promises to be EPIC and i bet you it will be. I have to wait all day because right now i am at work (in melbourne, australia)…….the trip home from work will be conducted at the speed of light! Download, watch, rewatch, rewatch, rewatch……thats my night done!
    It will be so awesome to have Olivia back home!

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