Fringe Episode 3.07 Sneak Peek #2

Here’s another sneaky-peek at this Thursday’s potentially..sneaky episode of Fringe 3.07 “The Abducted”.

Head past the jump where we’ve stashed the scene-maker video for your eyes only.


You can find the first sneak peek for “The Abducted” here.


  1. aci79 says

    Wow.. there is so much going on in there. I’m always looking forward to see our Olivia, especially now that she is on the right path. Glad to see Henry again. Not liking the end part of the sneak peek; it seems that something has gone wrong. From the last Olivia – Broyles interaction, I’m hoping that he’ll let some things slide; wishful thinking right? Game on guys, lets put on our seatbelt. This episode seems to be a fun ride :)

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    • Anjali says

      I think Broyles will help her.
      Also, we’re finally going to see OUR Olivia since the premiere. I miss her soo much!

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      • Alex says

        Yes, and I’d love to see Daniels (I mean Broyles) have a scene with Bubbles (I mean Henry)…

        *head bangs desk* Oh face it, I miss The Wire.

        BUT FRINGE IS AWESOME! Can’t wait! Looks like a suspensful episode : )

        The show had really hit its stride this year

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  2. bdp says

    WOW! This sneak peek just got me soo excited. I’m so glad to have Olivia back and actually knowing who she is finally. And then Henry coming back on top of it is just amazing. It looks like her journey back is going to be intense and awesome. I think Broylenate will wind up helping her out too (as for the him, seemingly eavesdropping on her, that could easily have been one of those edits that makes it look like something it’s actually not). I cannot wait!!!

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  3. annon says

    Great clip. I have a bad feeling about this episode. Somethings happening, sounds like things don’t go to plan. Maybe she doesn’t make it home this episode. I don’t think it will be until the end of episode 8, actually.

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  4. cortexifan says

    I knew (or at least I guessed it) she was breaking into the lab. She is going to make it home whenever that is, right? Is it Thursday yet. Argh

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  5. becca says

    I will miss the AU so much! This simple sneak peek shows how much more amazing the episodes over there are. I have a feeling things will go very wrong for Olivia, but she knows who she is so she is on the right path. And Henry!!!!!

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    • cortexifan says

      That wouldn’t be like Olivia. I think he sends her specifically to solve this case because he knows who she is and I can see him helping her. Broyles wants this case I believe for that reason as he voices his interest to Walternate in one of the clips after Walternate says they don’t need Olivia anymore.

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    • number six says

      No way! I think that she will save his son. Maybe that will make him decide to help her escape from Walternate’s evil clutches.

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  6. Annebeth says

    @Cortexifan and Number Six: pfew, thanks for you’re comments. I hoped that my suspisions were wrong, because I also think it wouldn’t be like Olivia. I thought I saw a flash of her grabbing the kid, but coming to think of it, that could also be her saving him :)
    I wouldn’t put it past Altlivia btw, if the roles were reversed…

    And I think Broyles will help our Olivia, but he has to do it very discrete. That’s why he wants her case.

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