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After the extraordinary turn of events that shockingly left an imprisoned Olivia “over there,” she fights to find her way home. Meanwhile, Peter and Walter try to move on with their lives unknowingly alongside alternate Olivia in the “Olivia” season premiere episode of FRINGE airing Thursday, Sept. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (FR-3.01) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham; Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop; John Noble as Walter Bishop; Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles; Blair Brown as Nina Sharp; Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth

Guest Cast: Andre Royo as Henry; Amy Madigan as Marilyn



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  1. Inter-dimensional Dave says

    I loved the nod to the old TV show, “The Prisoner” when the man rode by on the bike and a shadow loomed over Liv.

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    • says

      Yes! I did too. I doubt many made the connection – it’s been a looong time since that was on.

      re: I loved the nod to the old TV show, “The Prisoner” when the man rode by on the bike

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  2. says

    This is going to be hard this season having to wait 2 weeks before we get to see what happens for each side!!! I like Henry! Hope to see more of him. Totally didn’t expect the twist towards the end for Olivia. Altlivia is giving herself away already. Poor Peter…so happy. So much fun to watch. It’s been a long summer.

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  3. LMH says

    Oh I have a theory about the memory transfers. Remember Walter’s little comment in “The Arrival” about Peter rethinking how ideas are known/shared? Knowledge can be absorbed through Osmosis (he also added through the skin). But those B Lym*whatever*sytes from Altivia somehow contain knowledge/memories particular to her. In combo with the mindbending exercises of the psychologist, they are warping our Liv into theirs.

    NOT THE YELLOW!!!! NOOOO!!! Oh and yeah poor Peter lol. Fringe is back in a BIG way.

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  4. Anjali says

    OMG!! What a fantastic episode!! Anna Torv, I love you soo much!!

    I felt so bad for Olivia when she started to cry. Last time she actually cried was when John died. Loved Henry! Wonderful character!

    The ending. Oh boy. This is going to be a long ride!

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  5. says

    Anyone else catch the callback to “Bound”? Here, as there, Olivia caught her captors off-guard by pretending to be sick/thirsty. Too bad for her that it was all part of the plan.

    I like this Henry guy. The season is off to an amazing start.

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  6. Alex says

    Andre Royo is a top bloke – I loved him in The Wire and Jesus Children of America. I’m glad he’s part of Fringe, now!

    But DAMMIT I STILL HAVEN”T SEEN THE EPISODE!!! I’ve been reading all your comments trying to get a glimpse of it until it reaches my country, but i don’t want to know what happens till i see it. AAAARRRRGH!!!!

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      • Alex says

        I live in Australia and they haven’t even announced the new season over here. It played on a major station for like 3 episodes of season 1 before it got axed coz nobody was watching it. Now its on some crappy little channel late at night and i have no idea when it’s going to start airing again. I have rellies in the US and they’ve been sending me the eps (thank goodness), but it’ll still be a couple of days before i see “Olivia”.

        It’s such a shame that Fringe has no where near the following here in Aus than it does worldwide. It sucks that Anna and John both hail from here and nobody from their own country is watching it. It’s a tragedy

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        • FinChase says

          That really is a shame because they are both wonderful! Thank you for loaning them to us in the US. :) But it’s just as bad that Fringe is the best show on TV and nowhere near enough people are watching it in the U.S. either.

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          • Alex says

            Yeah, but at least over there it’s still on a major network, and you guys have events like ComicCon to promote it. Here nobody’s heard of it at all. It’s sad : (

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            • Cherioki says

              Er Alex, I’m not sure what you are on about! I too live in Australia and I can tell you Fringe first aired on channel nine, but then moved too it’s sister channel Go!. So far Go! has aired the first two seasons of fringe at the reasonable time of 8:30 pm and a third season is coming in November. Fringe is one of the most popular shows on Go!. Go! is a free to air channel, but you need to have digital tv, if you still have analog tv then you cannot watch Fringe.

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  7. Hatch says

    Definitely got a “Bound” vibe from that escape.

    You know it’s not our Olivia’s thoughts when she starts liking yellow…

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  8. FinChase says

    I actually came pretty close in predicting how this episode would go. Fortunately I emailed it to two friends so I have backup. I was sure that Olivia would realize that she was out of options after her escape route was cut off, and would end up living AltLiv’s life and working with the alternate Fringe Division. I didn’t expect was that she would actually begin to believe she was AltLiv. That will be fascinating to see how that plays out, and how our Olivia begins to break through the cracks, because I think she will.

    One point I thought was interesting was that when Henry started raving over what a crack shot she was, Olivia said, “Actually, I’m not.” That’s sort of ironic that she feels that way because the running joke on this site and others is that Olivia never misses. Our Olivia doesn’t have the same belief in her abilities as AltLiv.

    Another thing I found very interesting and sad was that Olivia’s mother died when she was only 14. I always thought she’d probably lived until she was at least college age. Now I wonder who raised she and Rachel? Was her dad still alive (if he’s actually dead now)? Were there other family members who took them in, or did they have to go into foster care? Olivia’s life becomes more painful with every revelation.

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  9. Catherine says

    The scene with the shrink was too long. Could feel Walternate’s sadness and desperation. Loved Olivia whipping Alt-Brandon and escaping off Liberty Island. The Henry guy (cab driver) was wonderful. He’s going to be the “keeper of Olivia’s truth” while she’s being used and deceived “Over There”.

    Sad, sad, sad: Olivia losing her identity…..Peter loving and kissing the wrong girl. Both heroes being manipulated and deceived and separated. I didn’t consider myself a shipper really, but I’m hating those two apart. :(

    I felt frustrated for Olivia and Peter because, of course, other people DO think they are both crazy when they try to explain “alternate universes.” Who was Peter talking to at the end anyway? Congressmen?

    I’m curious to see what the cabbie (Henry?) does now. He probably gets that “the government” has succeeded in getting Olivia to believe that she is Altivia.

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  10. AM says

    What if Henry was originally from our side, a c-kid like Olivia, somehow got to the over there and …. Well, My mind goes wild! Since he is cast in a later episode, I have a feeling he will play a bigger part. The Sam Weiss of Over There kind of guy or maybe not…

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    • Anita says

      And I feel like there must be more significance to what he was saying about only his wife believing in the “real him”. That whole little soliloquy seemed rather important.

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    • Asterisk says

      Of course, taxis are YELLOW, and he’s a taxi driver…. I really think that the yellow third universe theory is really starting to show itself to be true.

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  11. Anita says

    It was so heart-wrenchingly torturous in its perfection. Knowing all the stuff as an audience and watching the characters NOT know is both delectable and extremely hard.

    I literally screamed when Olivia started saying yellow was a more refreshing colour. NOOOOO! :(

    It’s also funny because we’re learning immunology in medical school and now I’m freaked out thinking if that Memory B Lymphocyte thing would actually work. 😛

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  12. mlj102 says

    Amazing episode. Really. Not that I would want to endure the all too long Lowatus again, but it was definitely worth the wait. There is so much I could say about this episode, but I’ll try to limit it to the biggest things… at least for now.

    If I had to describe this episode in one word, it would be “heartbreaking”. From the opening scene as Olivia was being interrogated by the psychologist and things gradually became more and more personal to Olivia, to the scene where they were going to do the procedure on her again, and we saw all the needle marks on her arms, to the scene at the gas station bathroom where Olivia took a moment and allowed herself to cry, to the moment where Olivia realized and accepted the reality that she was truly stuck over there, to the moment where she was reunited with her alternate mother, to the end where she “became” alternate Olivia, to Peter kissing alternate Olivia, thinking it’s Olivia… the whole episode was emotional and so heartbreaking. And that emotion came through so clearly. I felt completely wrapped up in the story and invested in Olivia’s journey. And I credit that to amazing writing, brilliant acting, and great production. Speaking of production, this episode just confirmed that Fringe is one of the highest quality shows out there. Seriously, every minute of the episode was full of amazing camera work, effects, music, acting, writing, photography, etc. Incredible!

    But along with that emotion, it was also extremely rewarding. I love how brilliantly it was all put together and how episodes that have come before have provided the background and the foundation that made this episode so successful and powerful. It is incredible to me the way the episodes all build off of each other.

    It about killed me to see our Olivia adopting the traits and mannerisms and memories of alternate Olivia. It was seriously so hard to watch as our Olivia slowly slipped away through the course of the episode. And Anna Torv did a remarkable job at conveying that distinction. In the scene in the taxi where she momentarily reverted to alternate Olivia and mentioned Frank as her boyfriend, it was clearly alternate Olivia that came out in that brief moment and, as painful as that was to see, I was amazed at how Anna pulled that off. Similarly, the scene with her alternate mother was particularly well done — talk about emotional, going from the sweetness of the reunion, to the confusion of Olivia insisting that she wasn’t really her mother, to the gradual acceptance that it was familiar after all. I did find it a bit odd that, of all the things they could have chosen, one of the key traits they chose to emphasize Olivia acquiring was alternate Olivia’s expert marksmanship. Olivia may not be an Olympic champion in that area, but she has always been very capable with a gun and an incredibly good shot. I felt like they could have picked something a bit more distinct between the two.

    Speaking of Olivia being confused by alternate Olivia’s memories, it reminded me of Season 1 and how Olivia was confusing John Scott’s memories with her own. In both instances it felt/feels very real to her. With John, she was positive the memories were her own, even though they weren’t. And that was a substantial challenge for her to separate those memories. So that background added to the reality of her current predicament and how she is so completely convinced that alternate Olivia’s memories are her own, that those memories and perceived experiences can’t be distinguished from her own and are so strong that they are evident in her actions and mannerisms. That adds credibility to Roco’s theory of how we are who we are largely due to our experiences and choices (nature vs. nurture).

    I liked what we saw of the alternate characters. Walternate aside, I felt like all of them were very down to earth and conveyed the impression that they were just normal people going about their lives. They were good people who care about each other, just like the people on our side. They are not the evil enemies that they are thought to be. I liked seeing the relationships between them — the concern, the fun bantering, the way Lincoln insisted on helping to find Olivia — I think that insight into the other side and the characters over there is very valuable and significant.

    Another little continuity thing that I loved seeing in this episode was Olivia’s ability to remember numbers, as shown in the way she was able to remember the elevator code (which was quite lengthy!) as well as Henry’s information from his show-me. I have always wanted to see them elaborate on that particular ability that Olivia has, and I believe it will play an important part in the story of Fringe, so I was happy to see them bring that up again. Related to this, in my opinion, the funniest moment was after Olivia did something to show this ability to Henry and, as she walked off, he muttered under his breath something about “Jedi mind tricks” which of course goes back to the Sam Weiss/Yoda comparisons. I thought that was brilliant and it made me laugh out loud.

    And, in conclusion, can I just say how thrilled I was with the wide variety of reflections that were present in this episode? Most of you all here know how much I adore the reflections and love to find any sort of reflection in the episodes and how I feel they are significant, so this episode with all of its reflections was like Christmas morning for me and served to justify my theory that they are intentional and significant. Perfect!

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  13. number six says

    Fringe is back! Well, it didn’t feel very Fringe to me, until our Bishops appeared at the end, but I liked it anyway.

    It seems like Walternate is winning, but I think he’s making a big mistake. He’s creating Uberolivia! He’s combining Olivia’s abilities with Altlivia’s kickassery and I think that will backfire eventually. Unless, he’s aware of this and his plans go way beyond.

    Other than the scene with the shrink and the incredibly lax security at the freaking headquarters of Homeland Security, I found this episode pretty good.

    I think Olivia transforming into Altlivia was the best part of the episode. And judging by how lukewarm she was, when she talked about Peter and how enthusiastic about Frank she was, when Altlivia took over, I think she’ll have no trouble in taking over Altlivia’s life.

    I got a kick out of the last scene. Oh, how I’ve missed my beloved Bishops! I’m glad to see that our Fringe Division is still the underdog and not even Peter can change that. I like how he kept emotional distance by called his own father Walternate. Very neat!

    Walter, pay attention! She’s being friendly, that’s not our Olivia!

    Peter, no! She’s smiling, that’s not our Olivia!

    Nevermind. Even our Olivia is not our Olivia anymore.

    Next week’s episode looks fantastic!

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    • fedorafadares says

      “Olivia’s abilities + Altlivia’s kickassery” = UberOlivia

      Perfect! Now which version of her will prevail?!!

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      • says

        I can totally see a point in the future where even we will be left guessing as to who the real Olivia is. Altlilvia will be learning more and more how to behave as Olivia as part of her infiltration. While Olivia is essentially becoming Altlivia. They are both becoming a hybrid. I suspect we’ll get to a point where both of them are together and we won’t know who is who. They both have the tatoo now, and a box of hair color is all they’ll need to make us scratch our heads. Only Sam Weiss will know for sure!!

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  14. Chump Force 1 says

    Great Episode! Little confused on why she couldn’t find Massive Dynamic and/or had the wrong address. Isn’t alt-MD located at the WTC in NYC? She’s already been there once when Bell brought her over the first time and I’d think its certinaly a location she would remember!

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  15. Catherine says

    Bell said that he didn’t open Massive Dynamic “Over There.” Did ya’ll see the DOGS signs on vehicles in Alternate New York? Is that instead of the play CATS over here? LOL.

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  16. says

    If viewers from outside the U.S. need a link to view the new episodes, i will gladly provide it.

    About the episode:

    1. Go AU! I now officially will rename Olivia into Rambolivia; the woman kicks ass major time!

    2. The AU intro theme: red (as usual) but with new keywords like transhumanism, synthesia, neural networks, retrocognition and more. Stuff for thought.
    Speculation: will we see a yellow intro this season? I bet! In the last half of the season…

    3. The term ‘Ambert Alert’ has certainly a new meaning in the AU. Run for your life!!!

    4. Do you get stamp while you gas up at Shexxon? Shell and Exxon already merged in the AU, but: still gasoline as we know it. I’m a bit dissapointed, since technology is much more advanced, i think they should have been tanking with fuel cells, some hydrogen mixture or even pure electricity.

    5. Your ‘Show Me’ reminds me a bit of the ‘Multipass’ from the movie ‘The Fifth Element’. No Leelo Dallas in Fringe, but another term for ‘Show Me’ would sound less childish.

    6. Lincoln Lee showing off his ‘301’ jacket on the back. Season 3, episode 1. We knew that… :)

    7. The Memorial Park was a nice touch. Why would buildings be or be nót there in the same spot? Excellent material to play with.

    8. The zeppelins. Ahhhh…. Just steal one from ‘there’ and fly it over into ‘here’. Zeppelins are cool!

    9. It must be very awkward to see yourself in pictures that are not you, or even see yourself happily in pictures with people who are long dead ‘over here’. I photoshopped one with my grandparents years ago and it’s hanging in my wall. I look every day at that picture and it looks real, but it is not. I know what Olivia felt: unrealism.

    10. The yellow paint. Yellow. Did i mention that earlier somewhere on the forum? 😉

    Great episode. For me: 8/10. A very good start for S3.
    Just: in the end Peternate at the shrink. Why? Why would he be there? He already does 2 whole seasons without one. And he looks a bit flattened as a character. Softer. Maybe even (yes: i’ll say the words) a softy, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. with Altlivia.

    C’mon! Is this the tough guy we all come to know and love? What happened with Peternate during Lowatus?!?

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        • number six says

          Personally, I loved it, but I can see why you think that. It was too short to make more of it, though. What I took from it is that:

          1. The government isn’t taking the Fringe division and the threats from the alternate universe seriously. That congressman was very dismissive of Peter.

          2. They think everything is back to normal and Peter is ready for a relationship with Olivia. Why should Peter be edgy here? There’s nothing to be edgy about, as far as he knows.

          They should have spent more time with this, because I think it felt too rushed, but it wasn’t their episode, so those few minutes were enough for me.

          I liked the little nod to the Peter/Walter relationship being at odds with that quick haunted look Peter gave Walter.

          For a scene that took up just a couple of minutes, I think we can take a lot from it, don’t you think? 😀

          I was more bothered by Altlivia’s bad acting than anything.

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          • says

            We both agree the last scene was too short. I believe it would have worked better as an opening for episode 2.

            Im still pro ‘over here’ but things are beginning to change already, watch next weekes episode, which will be a huge blast.

            Olivia and Altlivia are pretty much the same personality right now, so i have no favorite :)

            Have anyone seen the Observer(s)? I did. 😉

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            • number six says

              I think that not having Walter and Peter in the premiere would have been awful, so this scene is good enough for me. The less stuff with politicians in my shows, the better.

              Next week’s episode looks fantastic. I can hardly wait.

              Altlivia has yet to experience some time over here to become a bit more like Oilivia, but I think that will happen eventually.

              Good eye! I failed to see him :(

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    • jophan says

      There have been debates about a national identity card in reality, especially in the wake of 9-11 and in connection to illegal aliens getting driver’s licenses. The term “Show Me” in the program is just a way to use a folksy term to make it more acceptable.

      I was a little surprised to see the cabbie with a cuff (the cellphone-earring). Based on the reel-to-reel tape recorder Peter was using in OT2, I had expected that that sort of advanced technology might be reserved for the military. I bet they don’t have iPods!

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  17. runpaceyrun says

    Oh my god…..what a BRILLIANT and stressful way to start season 3. Season 3 has not started in Australia yet (have to wait until Dec!) but i finally managed to find a way to see episode 1 “Olivia”. It was brilliant right from the very beginning and i am now so stressed and worried for Olivia. Thankgod for Henry i say. He could be her only ally in the alt universe…..when she gets her memory back that is. I can honestly say that i will NEVER trust Walternate. Too manipulative for words.
    Not sure what to make of the scene with Peter being questioned / debriefed at the end there. Somethings not right there. To me it was very sinister…..or perhaps im just being too paranoid.
    And as for the kiss…….well if Altlivia hurts Peter in any way i will seriously hurt her.
    On a final note….fellow aussie Anna Torv was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant in this episode! Lets hope that John Noble, Anna Torv, FRINGE and the writers are ALL nominated for EMMY’S. This show is a class above the rest! Cant wait for next week. Lets hope i can get some sleep.

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  18. Cindy says

    Original Olivia with two sets of memories. Sound familiar?
    I like this echo of her previous life. (aka shades for John Scott)

    All through the ep, the alt memory kept surfacing and the finally completely emerged with “Mom” (Aw!) – Favourite scenes right there.
    You can still tell when she’s waiting in Charlie’s car, there’s still a mixture of the two Olivia’s inside. She isn’t quite so sure of herself. (Best acting with no lines!)

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  19. bdp says

    Absolutely awesome. Anna Torv was just amazing. The scene were Olivia broke into tears in the bathroom was one of the most heartbreaking scenes I’ve ever seen. I literally had knots in my stomach I felt so bad for Olivia. I’m glad that I’ve heard Henry will be back, his character was great and I think he’s going to turn out to be a big help for Olivia. I’m also buying into the theory discussed earlier about the voice (who most assumed was Peter) in that first trailer, telling Olivia “she’s not from this world, she can’t forget who she is, etc.” being an almost like voice in Olivia’s head of Peter, trying to keep her tethered to reality and bring her out of her Altlivia state.

    All that said this season is going to be really rough on me I think haha. I love everything they’re doing and yet I already want Olivia back on our side with Peter where she belongs. And no matter how hard I try I can’t convince myself to just pretend it’s our Olivia every time I see Peter and Altlivia together. Plus I really don’t want to see Olivia with Frank since she has Altlivia’s memories. Although I’m personally not ruling out that our Olivia is still in there and she’s actually just using Altliv’s memories as a way to fool the others into ending their capture of her until she can secretly find a way home. Man this is going to be one long and angsty season, great, but definitely long and angsty.

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  20. LizW65 says

    How much time did you guys think had passed since the Season 2 ending? I got the impression that a LOT more time had passed Over There than Over Here (a couple of weeks or possibly months Over There: witness all the needle marks on Olivia’s arm, Charlie’s re-grown hair, Lee’s re-grown skin, re-appearance of Frank, versus just a few days Over Here: Peter still being debriefed by a government official.) That was the most frustrating aspect of the episode for me, and I wish we’d been given a little more information.

    It remains to be seen just how long Altlivia’s memories will dominate Olivia–I’m guessing it won’t be long before Olivia’s own personality starts to re-assert itself, but that she will realize what is happening and play along in order to gather information. So in essence, we will have BOTH Olivias acting as undercover agents in other worlds.

    I like that only Walternate and Broyles are in the know regarding Olivia’s true identity–quite frankly I was wondering how she would be able to get anyone from Over There on her side, and to have the team already supporting her and believing she had a “nervous breakdown” was a clever way to handle that. The cab driver was an interesting character, and I hope we’ll see more of him, as right now he’s the only link to Olivia’s true sense of self.

    I agree with those who felt the scene Over Here was a bit rushed–and possibly only added in response to fan frustration over not seeing the familiar gang in the season premiere. I’ll have to go back and watch again to see if Altlivia gives herself away; I was a bit distracted during that scene and missed her “tells”.

    One thing I was really hoping to see Over There was a reference to John Lennon’s upcoming 70th birthday–a news headline that John, Paul, George, and Pete had re-united for a concert or something would’ve been very cool. 😀

    Altogether, a good start to the season. I gave it 7 out of 10–it lost points for not explaining the time lapse, but gained some for utilizing Olivia’s phenomenal skill remembering numbers (I love a good Chekhov’s Gun) and the general attention to detail and excellence of the supporting cast.

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    • Valentina says

      Actually they said how much time has passed…Lincoln said to Charlie something like: ‘it’s strange thinking that three days ago i was drinking something, watching Tom Cruise on tv, and now a lot has happened’…so if we take this for true, it has passed three days from over there part 2.

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      • says

        Altlivia was wondering about Walter’s shoes and when they came back in style. And Walter asked when they ever went out of style. But it was Walter who is not the savviest fashionista, so that in and of itself probably wouldn’t raise any alarm bells. But Altlivia was wearing bright RED lipstick! When would Olivia ever do that??

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    • gil_cdn says

      I think BOlivia (Altlivia) gave herself away when she sits on the steps of the Congress building having small talk with Walter. I don’t recall one single occassion where our dedicated, no-nonsense Agent Dunham would waste her time doing small talk with Walter.

      As a matter of fact, when Olivia go the rescue Walter from the AU hospital, Walter immediately recognizes she is the real Olivia when she gets annoyed with him asking how he would know she is the real deal. Our Olivia would never, never have asked Walter about his shoes, not in a million years ….. I think that’s why Walter acted so cold towards her in front of the Congress building and Walter does not seems to get one bit excited about Peter and BOlivia getting together (remember in Season 2, Walter is all excited about them dating or eventually getting married.)

      I think Walter knows she is a fake, it is just that he is too hungry to bother. Our growing scientist need food.

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  21. says

    Before this show aired we were all speculating on how much time had passed. From the looks of everything – Lincoln’s healing, Charlie’s hair, Frank’s hair (and the fact that he’s back – he was only going to be gone a week), and Olivia’s comment about “is it dinnertime already” showing that she’s used to a routine – a number of weeks should have passed. But did anyone notice when Lincoln said something to the effect of, “3 days ago I was eating ice cream without a care in the world and now all this”. Really? Only 3 days have passed since he was a charred marshmellow on the bridge? And on our side, Peter is being debriefed. I would assume that they would do that within a fairly short amount of time so that your memories of the events are fresh. So why are they deliberately trying to confuse us about time? Something is definitely going on there that I hope we’ll find out soon. But Yay! I’ve been wanting them to explore the time thing.

    Also, when Peter is being debriefed and he offers to fix the guys pen and he refused. There’s got to be something to that. Is it foreshadowing a future offer to fix something that the government will decide is worthless and want to throw away? I’m in agreement with others on this post that the government guy was very dismissive. I’m sure that was put in there for a purpose.

    I thought for sure that Olivia was going to run across Nina somewhere over there. Hopefully that will come at some point. I am very curious to see what she’s like over there.

    So Broyles is lying to his team about Olivia! At the end, Walternate is telling him that the switch of memories is working and yet Broyles was acting all concerned for her earlier when he was talking to Scarlie and Lincoln. Interesting.

    I want to see more of Alter Agent Farnsworth too.

    So many good tidbits in here!!

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    • LizW65 says

      “But did anyone notice when Lincoln said something to the effect of, “3 days ago I was eating ice cream without a care in the world and now all this”. Really? Only 3 days have passed since he was a charred marshmellow on the bridge?”

      I picked up on that line, but dismissed it as a clue since ice cream is something traditionally given to hospital patients–I thought maybe he’d actually been in recovery for some time and had “all the ice cream he wanted”; you know, the old bribe for kids who had to get their tonsils removed? 😀

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    • Catherine says

      Peter was debriefed by people who obviously don’t believe him. I suspect that our government will send someone to keep an eye on Fringe Division again and cause trouble.

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  22. Ann_Louise says

    “Of course, taxis are YELLOW, and he’s a taxi driver…. I really think that the yellow third universe theory is really starting to show itself to be true.”

    -I have a different idea on use of yellow – it is a “bridge” color between the red and blue worlds. Newton’s antidode code for the neurotoxin had yellow between the red and blue wires; the warehouse the shapeshifter embryos appeared in had a bright yellow roof; the yellow brick “road” in Jacksonville.
    What if the color yellow is not another world color, but the color inbetween the worlds we already know?

    -Sigh. This episode was very well done, but left me very sad for our characters. Altlivia is conspiring with Newton in the preview for “The Box”, stringing Peter along, and Our Olivia has, for the time being, been brainwashed out of existence.

    -I think this ep. showed that Walternate’s has plans within plans within plans. Will he use brainwashed Olivia as another weapon in his war? The repeated shots, the sensory deprivation cell, even giving her a Altlivia tatoo – all of these put him further into the villain category. He’s not on a mission to rescue his son; he’s out to destroy a world.

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  23. jacksonheights says

    John Noble was able to portray Walternate as a manipulative but sympathetic character. His ability to explain to Alt-Brandon the reason why Olivia should have Alt-Olivia’s memories was so well thought out. There was no hint of hostility or anger just pure logic. Our Walter would have been emotional and demanding yet Walternate was cool, calm and collected. The idea of the lives of the many over the lives of the one took me back to Star Trek when Kirk went to save Spock.
    The writers did an excellent job of justifying how Olivia could stay in the Alt universe and interact with Lincoln Lee and Charlie and why they would accept her.
    Great episode our long wait was rewarded.

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  24. jacksonheights says

    Can someone tell me how Olivia is now a crack shot. It seemed to me that firing at the propane tank (which was as big as a house) would not really qualify. Would the tank only have exploded by blowing off the pressure guage. Are propane tanks bullet proof. I understood the need to convey the impression she was becoming alt-Olivia, but I didn’t understand this.

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    • says

      How calm she stayed when she shot all Fringe officers with the first shot every time, is proof that her medication kicked in. Every soldier must have some nerves when put into a similar situation, but she was icecold.
      Heightened senses? Super reflexes? I think so.

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      • jophan says

        I do have a little trouble with this, because I find it hard to believe that being a crack shot is only mental. Not that our Liv is in bad shape, but I would think it would take particular muscular development and control in addition to whatever knowledge could be transferred with memory.

        However, I don’t let these trivia interfere with loving the show.

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  25. Cindy says

    I noticed 2 more things.
    1) The amount of red light flares that crossed paths with original Olivia over there.
    2) The other scientist in Brandon’s lab looked a lot like David Orth, who previously was in Johari Window. Since he didn’t have any dialog in this ep, he may not have been credited.

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  26. Elaine says

    Wow, where do I even start? So many amazing things took place.

    I suppose I should beging by saying, bravo to Ms. Anna Torv. She was absolutely brilliant throughout this emotionally compelling episode. The scene in the restroom absolutely broke my heart. And her reunion with her alt/mother Dunham really got to me, because I felt terrible for both Olivia’s.

    I also really liked her reaction when the amber quarantine engulfed the opera house. Her face just dropped, because up until that moment, whether it was a sub-conscious thought, or optimism, Olivia appeared to believe that even without Walter, Bell or the other Cortexiphan children, she could open that portal again and go home.

    Like mlj mentioned upthread, I thought it was an odd choice that Altlivia’s marksmenship was the skill set Olivia adapted, since Olivia own abilities in that area are nothing to sneeze at.

    I already like the alt/Fringe team, and maybe because we already know Broyles and Charlie, but Lincoln feels like he’s always been there. I loved his determination to find Olivia, despite the physical state he in.

    Did anyone else think Olivia was going to find a hippie version of Nina Sharp doing trust-falls in the park where Massive Dynamic didn’t exist? I think that would have been an amazing touch, but what Olivia found, or better yet didn’t find with the way the scene was well done.

    The actors and creators have basically asked the audience not to pre-judge the alternate characters before getting a chance to understand their motivation. While there doesn’t appear to much in the way of redemptive qualities, I found myself actually sympathizing…or at least not wanting to judge Walternate’s actions. Yes, what he was doing to Olivia was terrible, but is it any worse than what Walter and Bell did to her and the other Cortexiphan children? I don’t think there’s an defenitive answer to that question. Both men felt they were/are acting for noble reasons for the sake of survival.

    I loved the recall to previously established aspects of Olivia’s character like her freakishly good memory with numbers specifically. Also, the mix of implanted memories like she had with John Scott. And although I felt the scene was tacked on…I like how they paralleled Olivia spending the episode trying to convince people of the truth, Peter’s story about going to the alternate world was just as dismissive. I don’t know, that scene felt like it could have been more serious. Like it would have played out better had it just been Broyles and Peter with Peter openly exasperated that they obviously didn’t believe his story. But that’s a minor complaint.

    One other thing, because I really need to watch the episode again to pick up on the nuances. But a thouoght came to me this morning driving to work about these implanted memories. In the finale, Lincoln Lee recognized Nick Lane, but it’s not clear how or why. I’m going to assume that Olivia isn’t the first person Walternate has had alt/Brandon try this experiment on. What if the reason Lincoln Lee recognized Nick Lane is due to the fact that he’s really from our universe, and he’s been inplanted with alt/Lincoln’s memories?

    All in all, wonderful beginning for the season…can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

    Rating: 10/10

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    • FinChase says

      I like your thinking about Lincoln! That’s a really interesting idea. Of course, I’m still hoping we get to meet the alternate Nick Lane because I had just a bit of a crush on that actor. :)

      I still need to re-watch the episode a second time, but it occurred to me last night that Olivia has become something of a human palimpsest. Her personality and identity have been overwritten by that of AltLivia. Right now, AltLivia is all you can see. However, given time, her own personality will begin to bleed through. I think it will be fascinating to watch Anna Torv begin to layer her performance with hints of Olivia as they grow stronger and stronger. It is possible that Olivia will never be completely the same again, that a part of AltLivia will always remain with her. I’m not sure whether that is a bad idea or not. I’m keeping an open mind about AltLiv, although I find it difficult to do the same for Walternate.

      But I do think that Olivia’s memories and personality will begin to re-emerge first through her dreams, as her subconscious tries to communicate.

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  27. Elaine says

    Oh, and I forgot to add…we’ve got new opening sequence words. Wonder if they’ll be the same when we switch back over to our universe.

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  28. Jodie says

    I got a totally different take on the end scene with Peter and the government official. I don’t think that the official was being dismissive of Peter’s story. I think that the official suspects that Peter may be a double agent. I think that the comment about the pen running out of ink was to cover his disbelief in Peter’s decision to leave his home universe. The reaction just popped out, and the official covered as best he could. The pen didn’t need to be fixed which is why he didn’t hand it over to Peter.

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    • LizW65 says

      Interesting idea there. If the official suspects Peter of being a spy for the AU, that could explain why they bring in another Sanford Harris type character to cause trouble for the team. It could be kind of cool if the Powers that Be are so focused on Peter, they totally overlook Altlivia as the real spy.

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      • Jodie says

        Oh, I forgot about that upcoming storyline with the Sanford Harris type character. That would be pretty ironic if the government ends up focusing on Peter instead of Altivia.

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  29. ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

    I was most intrigued by the B-lymphocyte memory procedure, a red liquid, being put into Olivia. Is that the same red liquid being put into Peter in the S2 finale? If so, whose memories were being put into Peter and my question now is: Is Peter really Peter?? I’ve always thought the story Walter told to Olivia was not the whole truth and with this memory implantation thing, I just don’t know what to think any more… LOVED this episode!!!!!!!!

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    • FinChase says

      That’s an interesting thought! I wonder if they will explore that idea. Most of us assumed that it was Cortexiphan because it was the same color as the drug that Olivia was given in “Jacksonville.” However, even then, Walter did not confirm when she asked if that was Cortexiphan. I still can’t quite give up the idea that Cortexiphan is yellow.

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      • LizW65 says

        Yeah, I wonder if Walter did some early version of this with young Peter, to help erase his memories of the AU–and if that could have some connection with the concerns about his health.

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  30. Nappyp says

    anyone else get the impression that we were watching a 3rd universe?

    let me list the differences between the alternate and what we saw last night.
    -charlie’s hair. he was bald in s2 finale, he had a full head of hair last night.
    -Massive Dynamic assistant: in s2 finale he was a desk clerk at a hospital, this episode he worked for the DoD.
    -NYC skyline: transmerica and grand hotel were absent from the skyline.

    the last one could be a stretch, but the others are interesting.

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  31. Helena says

    This could be nothing, but notice how in the alternate universe our Olivia is surrounded by blue until AltLivia’s memories take over. It’s like a mark – the blue psychiatrist office, the blue toilet door when she is talking to Lincoln Lee … and everything gets messed up when she enters the red dor in her “safehouse”.

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  32. FinChase says

    Another thought occurred to me: How interesting it is that AltLivia was also called “Olive” by her mother. I would have thought Liv or Livvy would be more likely, as Rachel calls our Olivia. But no, she calls her Olive. Just interesting. When did these doubles begin to diverge and how wide is that divergence?

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    • jophan says

      Since we know Olivia was called Olive as a child (ref. Jacksonville, A New Day…), it makes sense to me that that was what her mother called her.

      The producers talk about “choices” defining the differences between worlds, but so many of the choices for Olivia and Peter have to do with their parents’ choices rather than their own. If Olivia had not been subjected to cortexiphan; if her mother had not remarried to the alcoholic, Olivia would not have been forced into the choice to shoot him; if Walter had not crossed to take Peter.

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  33. Xochitl says

    I knew it! I knew it! brainwash was the only way Olivia will work with those guys, I just knew it! Which actually makes me very sad because now everything is 100 times more complicated.

    I want to kil the writers! :(

    The thing that I liked the most is that I already like these guys, except for walternate of course, Frank really loves her so he is going to have a very hard time noticing that is not olivia, charlie and lee are really her friends, and as some people had mentioned I now believe Lee wants/wanted to be something else, and her mom! just imagine see your dead mother alive in front of you! I like the alternate universe already and I understand why Walternate is doing what he is doing, I’m not very happy with him but I understand, but I’m still not sure this is not just doing the right thing, but also revenge that will kill my tolerance to him, the rest are okay.

    Now, it’s going to be very interesting to see if Olivia really had been implanted with Alt!livia’s memories, is she playing? did she really believe the lies? wathever the case it’s going to be fun (not the right word) to see her jump between one and the other, and as I said before it would be a in a twisted way very poetic, it was what walter did to Peter when he brought him to our side.

    and talking about sides, did peter just say OURS? that was, I love him for saying that, he feels like he belongs despite his situation with Walter, because he is with Olivia, okay is the wrong olivia but he doesn’t know that, yet. I liked the scene at thend, it was enough knowing the next episode is on this side, and I think walter noticed something weird, but as jhon noble said on an interview “walter is going to second guess himself”, I had the theory that Peter might already know that this olivia is not his olivia but not I don’t think so now, and it’s going to be very good that the writers have olivia/Frank and Alt!livia/Peter interacting at the same time, see who is going to catch the true faster and how, in my mind is going to make the whole “months before they noticed olivia is not olivia” more believable.

    The taxi guy is going to be in another episode? it would be awesome, he honestly believed her, he is going to be a connection to what she said in case olvia falls completely into the trap, he is going to remind her of Peter (I still believe she is going to have flashes or something like that about peter, like she had with jhon) and mayb the guy is going to end bringing her home, somehow.

    my two favorite moments: Olivia realizing she can’t go home because they are realising the amber, it broke my heart because the answer was just within her reach and suddenly it was not, and of course that subtle way in which olivia broke down, he could hear she was crying but couldn’t actually see her, it was just so well done.

    A local network is reruning “Alias” and of course the similiarity is there, Peter and frank, and lee (because I firmly believe lee is going to first the notice and actually remind of help olivia to go home) are going to notice for some little, tiny thing, Sydney knew by ice cream, could it be m&m’s or yellow? What I do hate, that they gave her the tatoo, that was just too much!!


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  34. LizW65 says

    A few more random observations:
    -the horizontal blue lights when we switched universes toward the end
    -Agent Lee’s comment about people losing their memories of what happened prior to a bad car accident brings to mind the Season 2 opener
    -Charlie’s “Thanks for not shooting me” to Olivia seems fairly ironic in retrospect (and didn’t she give him the oddest look when he came out with that? Makes me wonder how much of the memory transfer actually stuck…)

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  35. Lila says

    It felt like a stab in my chest everytime Olivia “remembered” Altlivia’s memories. I thought I was going to die when instead of saying Peter she said Frank, and then in the end, she “became” Alt-livia! I could have had a heart attack!
    Now we don’t have our Olivia anymore, we just have Alt-livia pretending, and Olivia beeing Alt-livia.
    I felt so bad for her I literally felt like crying when she reached the memorial park, and when she met her mother.
    Two sentences would fairly resume my feelings:
    Poor Olivia, and poor Peter.

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  36. Cindy says

    On the subject of Olivia’s affected memory.
    Olivia having “BOlivia’s” memory doesn’t really have to mean that Olivia is lost.
    Her memories were not suppressed at all. She seems to retain both sets. It will be interesting whether ones come when she’s back on the job.
    Although confusing having some strange or no memory, it is my hope her personality, behavior and motivation will still be intact.
    I like to think The Secretary is still making observations and see how Olivia will do in his rat’s maze. If he takes away all that is Olivia, he will never really know how she can travel to another universe.

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    • says

      I tell you this:
      Olivia has found out (like the viewers) the whole switcheroo with Altlivia.
      She’s smart enough and all her AU colleagues are convinced she’s Altlivia, so from now on, ever since she entered the house of Mom, she plays the game and sees where it will take her.

      She has to, because when everyone accepts her, she’s closer to her enemies, has more recources she can use (like a ‘Show Me’ for instance) and can movce around in the open.

      I don’t think her medication has her suppressed completely and she has almost complete control over herself and her AU (ALtlivia) memories.

      I’m betting that in episode 3 we’ll see hów clever she is and how playing along gives her more recon information. (She’s a soldier now, whether she likes it or not).

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  37. ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

    I like to think that somehow the memories and experiences of whatever happens to ‘you’ on one side bleeds over a little into the otherversions of ‘you’ in the other universes. It explains why our olivia is a great shot because the other Olivia was an Olympic medalist in marksmanship. I think she is also “in on it” because she already knows how to deal with 2 sets of memories (with John Scott) so our Olivia will not be lost she will be ‘playing the game’ and finding out what she can about their motives, like Observer1 said.

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  38. mlj102 says

    While I can understand the theory that Olivia is simply “playing along” and pretending to be alternate Olivia because she has no other choice, and it’s the best way to have access to the alternate world without being chased, I have to disagree. The slips as alternate Olivia’s memories began to take over were too sudden and too genuine and natural. The scene where she was confronted with alternate Olivia’s mother was too powerful and emotional for me to believe that it was simply Olivia making the choice to “play along” because it was the last option she had.

    When I watch the episode, I see someone who is desperately struggling to hold on to the reality of who she is, but ultimately being overwhelmed by the dominant memories from alternate Olivia that were coming to the surface. People have pointed out Olivia’s previous experience with mixing up her memories with John Scott’s memories, and claim that because of that, she now knows how to control which memories aren’t hers. But I disagree. Olivia constantly struggled with those memories and being able to discern which were hers and which weren’t. She never learned how to control them, but they simply faded away and her body was able to get rid of them.

    So in my opinion, our Olivia really is temporarily “lost” in alternate Olivia’s memories. But what is so fascinating about it to me is that the fight isn’t over. The memories from the two different Olivias are going to continue to clash and there will be moments when our Olivia’s memories will come to the surface. I look forward to seeing those sporadic moments when our Olivia will come back, and I’m anxious to see how our Olivia is able to remember who she really is. I think it’s going to be a really fascinating journey.

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