Fringe Episode 2.16 Promo

Here is the promotional trailer for next Thursday’s episode of Fringe – 2.16 “Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver”.

Head past the jump to watch it.


Airs Thursday April 8th on FOX.


  1. Elaine says

    So, is anyone else thinking that Walter’s next visit with September after he and alt/Peter were saved includes the instructions he received where September told him he would need him one day? Perhaps giving us more information on why Peter is so important–adding another layer, deeper meaning as to why Walter can’t lose him again?

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    • mlj102 says

      Or, it could be something that September did tell him before he left after saving them from the lake, only Walter conveniently “forgot” to include it in his story that he told Olivia…

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  2. Inkblood says

    I agree with Elaine; someone needs to explain why Peter is so important.
    I’m glad that our little peter and olivia romance isn’t over, that olivia’s gonna tell him. When he finds out, he’s gonna be mad, so if liv is honest with him, he can direct the anger at Walter, not the fringe team.

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  3. FlashWriter says

    What if Walter decides to take steps to insure that Olivia doesn’t spill the beans? It was just the way he said “I can’t loose him again….I can’t.” There’s something in his tone. Something like, “Please don’t make me stop you.” If one thing is consistent about Walter, it’s his unswerving love of familly. He knows this news could very well end the “familly” that’s evolved. He won’t loose Peter. Would that be the trigger to possibly turn on Olivia? “Olivia. In the Lab. With a revolver.” I’ve loved that title from the first and now it’s taking on other conotations…

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    • mlj102 says

      I definitely see where you’re coming from — and I agree: Walter is in this state of mind where he knows telling Peter would cause Peter to leave him, and he can’t handle that. And, as we’ve seen, Walter was and is the kind of man who will do anything he feels necessary to serve a given cause. And if he is determined for Peter not to find out, then he will do everything he possibly can do to prevent Peter from finding out.

      However, what could he actually do to stop Olivia? Olivia can be just as stubborn and determined as he is when she decides something needs to be done. And you can just tell that it is tearing her up inside to know something so important and have to keep it a secret from Peter. If she decides to tell Peter, what would Walter be able to do to stop her? The only thing I can think of would be for him to physically hurt her in some way. And as much as Walter is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Peter from knowing the truth, I have to hesitate to consider that he would actually be capable of hurting Olivia in order to stop her from telling Peter. It’s a frightening thought: could Walter intentionally hurt someone he cares about in order to keep his secret a little longer?

      Personally, I believe it will be unnecessary to even go there, because I don’t think it will go that far. At this point, I think Olivia is still debating whether or not she should tell Peter the truth. She has to know as well as Walter does that, if Peter knows the truth, there’s nothing that will stop him from leaving. And, as she said in this promo, she doesn’t want to do anything that will jeopardize the family they have developed. I have to believe she’s fighting an inner battle within herself. On the one hand, she knows Peter needs to know the truth — he deserves to know the truth. But on the other hand, if he knows the truth, he’s likely to leave, and Olivia would be devastated if that happens. So she still has to weigh her options and decide which one she’s going to go for. Until she makes her final decision, Walter is safe and doesn’t have to worry.

      And that’s what I think we’re going to see in this upcoming episode. I think the scene where she tells Walter she has to tell Peter the truth will come near the beginning of the episode — as she’s finding it very hard to continue working with him and interacting with him, knowing what she knows. And I think the scene between her and Peter, talking about not wanting to jeopardize their family, will come at the end and will make her question whether or not she should tell him. It’s going to be interesting to see just how everything happens. Can it be Thursday again already?

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  4. Elisa says

    I’m not sure about Peter reaction. He loves his father and the new will surely shock him, but I don’t think he can really leave his father behind forever. I’m feeling like this news will break the equilibrium between father-son-lover, because Peter will choose someone to direct his anger…I’m a little worried. Do you remember what December said, about Olivia and terrible moments are waiting her in future?

    Sorry for my poor english. I’m so bad in speaking about everyday life subjects, it’s extremely difficult to write about impressions about a promo about one of the most cryptic shows ever. XD

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    • charliefan19 says

      your english is pretty good, Elisa! Not “poor” at all. :)

      I’m nervous about Peter’s reaction too…because I just love the Walter/Peter moments. Little things, like Walter driving the car and Peter freaking out. Things are probably gonna change pretty soon, but we’ll see.

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  5. Anne says

    Does the title of episode 16 “Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver” have anything to do with the game Cluedo (this is how it’s called in Holland, i think it’s called Clue in the US)? In that game there’s been a murder and you have to find out who did it, where he did it and with what object the man was murdered.

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  6. LMH says

    Uh, does cancer-causing man have a six-fingered hand? (check the multicolored scan on computer screen)

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  7. Alison says

    Hi guys! Um, I posted this on the 2.16 episode description page, but I just wanted to post it here too in case no one figured this out yet. As “giulio” had mentioned before on the “Jacksonville” observations page (because I’m not sure I would have noticed without reading his post), the name Lloyd B. is scribbled next to the height chart at the Daycare Center, along with Nick Lane (Bad Dreams), Nancy and Susan Lewis (The Road Not Taken), and of course Olive D./Oliva Dunham. There is a “Lloyd Becker” credited in this episode (2.16), go on the episode description page if you want to see. Maybe he’s the same one who was supposedly treated with cortexiphan. Any thoughts?

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