Fringe Episode 2.07 Promo Photos

Fringe Spoilers

FOX have released the promotional photos for Fringe episode 2.07 “Of Human Action”.

Travel through the jump to view them all:



  1. FlashWriter says

    Judging from the pics, this looks like it’s going to be an Olivia-centric episode. Great! My kind of ep. What an expression on her face In the picture before the last one. Even in the stills, Anna Torv simply PROJECTS. Can’t wait, and now that the Angels have been eliminated, we can just cancel the World Series and get back to Fringe. :-)

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    • WWE Fan from LA says

      I agree! I’m sooo disappointed that the Halos were eliminated by the Spankees, I love Vladdy and Lackey, hope they don’t leave! Anyways, back on topic, Anna Torv is the best! I like Olivia episodes, as it should be.

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