FRINGE: Eight Straight [VIDEO]


The producers and cast discuss the final eight episodes of Fringe Season 4..


  1. earthbrah says

    “Chock full of answers.”
    Seems like I’ve heard that before; taking with a bucket of salt nearby…

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  2. says

    I’m so worried. Last year, we had the renew news exactly these days, I can’t contain my anxiety right now. We’ll find out at any moment. Is this the season finale or the series finale? My poor heart…

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  3. Darth Kate says

    doop dee doo, gonna watch a video… *pinkner and wyman appear* GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHDANGNAMNIT!!!!!

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    • willg says

      *an observer visits Kate*… “Kate didn’t you know that Pinkner and Wyman are your relatives from the future…you must spend time with them and take on Wyman’s hairstyle…it is your destiny” lol.

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