Fringe Easter Egg: Opus The Peahen – Full Comic Strip from Bloodline

During Friday’s “Bloodline” injection of Fringe, you may have noticed our favorite cabbie (and midwife) reading an alternate reality version of Berkeley Breathed‘s “Opus The Penguin” comic – called “Opus The Peahen“.

Another one of the many differences between worlds! For a closer look at our Peahen friend we’ve posted the full version of the specially-released comic strip below the jump.

Click to make big:

Thanks to Sammie for the tip.

Apparently, Breathed is also a guest at this weekend’s WonderCon. See the link below for more if you’re interested.

Source: Ryalltime


  1. Ben says

    I’m pretty sure that Opus is male. Does he have a different gender over there? Or do they just not think about it.

    Ah, why sweat the small stuff?

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  2. Count Screwloose says

    And, of course, it’s not just the species change, but the fact that Breathed is still doing a strip Over There.

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  3. Ravi says

    I dunno if this has been called out before, but another difference between the universes is the US adoption of the metric system. If you re-watch the scene from the previous episode where Lincoln is tracking Olivia (before the tracker was removed), he radioed to the rest of Fringe Division that she was travelling at “50 kilometers/hour”.

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  4. g33k says

    Ok… weird… I was reading a thread and they was a readable screen cap of the comic from the show and in the broadcast its Lindsay Lohan, not Paris Hilton. I wonder where this was released from and why it was changed?

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  5. Dan Doherty says

    And in the Peahen strip, Berke Breathed’s signature is FORWARD. In OUR universe, it’s backwards.

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  6. Bill Karis says

    …and since it’s in another universe, his signature, on the strip, is readable, instead of the mirror image, that he used to sign…..

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  7. Raul Ybarra says

    I’ve actually got my stuffed Opus sitting on display here in my office. Does anyone know if they actually got Berke to do the strip or did they doctor it themselves? I love it that the producers of my favorite show are fans of my favorite comic. It’d be great if my favorite comic author is also a Fringe fan.

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