Fringe Dominates Saturn Awards 2013


Fringe leads the way in this year’s Saturn Awards with six nominations.

  • Best Network Television Series – Fringe
  • Best Actor – Joshua Jackson
  • Best Actress – Anna Torv
  • Best Supporting Actor – John Noble
  • Best Supporting Role in a Series – Blair Brown, Lance Reddick

You can view the full Saturn Awards 2013 list at the link.

Thanks Kate and James for the heads-up.


  1. nati says

    john noble is supporting actor? I always thought he was lead actor.
    anyway, nice to see some nominations. they deserve it!

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  2. SissySiri says

    Wow, this is totally awesome! I am thrilled that they are receiving this recognition. As of this date Fringe was one of the best shows ever on TV, IMO.

    I am really happy that Joshua has been nominated for best actor.

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    • thecortexifan says

      They are specifically for the scifi genre, I think. Go to the link Roco provided and you can read all about it.

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  3. Briar says

    I agree. How ironic that a show with three leading actors has to divide them up between these three archaic categories. They were all three best leading actors! It’s even more ironic that Fringe gets nominated for best series for its most miscalculated, dreary and leaden season. But irony is rather a Fringe quality, I suppose.

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    • James says

      Whilst I would agree that Season Five is definitely not the best season (that honour belongs to Season Three), it was a massive step-up from Season Four.

      I think however these nominations are more towards honouring the entire Series as opposed to just Season Five.

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  4. David says

    Yes indeed congratulation to all for their nominations thoroughly deserved
    great performances – great series – sadly missed.
    However one has to feel sorry for Jasika Nicole, I know her character wasn’t as important as the others in as far as the storylines goes.
    But Astrid to me was just as important a member of the Fringe Team as any other also a nomination for Jaskia, her outstanding performance as Alt Astrid in “Making Angels” I don’t think would have gone astray.
    Also everybody seems to be down on season 4 as a misstep in the series, but to me it had to happen to get to the finish that we got.
    It’s like trying to build a house without any foundations. Sure the foundations are as boring as hell to do, we became impatient to get to the real work, the building of the actual house, and the end result, but we also know that if the foundations aren’t done or done right, the rest of the house won’t be right also.
    There is no gain if there is no pain, and so the foundations have to be done to get to the overall end and satisfying result.
    And that to me is what season 4 was setting up the foundations for what was to come. May not have been satisfying for some and probably boring for others, but had to be done to achieve the final ending that we all got, and from what I’ve read on this site has been mostly positive
    We all went through a little pain to achieve a great gain which was the ending that most of us were satisfied with and that which we got.

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  5. AlyssaChey says

    I read the title as dunnimate instead of dominate :) <3 Anyways wtg Fringe and thank you Rocco for sharing this with us!

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  6. Adam Ramirez says

    one of the best scifi series i have ever watched personally. I enjoyed all seasons…the nominations are greatly deserved. I wish the Fringe series could have continued for another 100 episodes.. Great lineup of actors and supporting actors. Hope to see them in other similar roles.. Until then… i rewatch the seasons all over again. ~Question everything~

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  7. JM says

    Nice to see them get nominations. I think the first time Jacksons been up for a saturn atleast for his work on fringe? but he has not got no chance in the category with cranston etc.

    I think AT will again purely based on the other women in the category.

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  8. SissySiri says

    Kind of related, well sort of . . . . Peter and Olivia (Fringe) made the top 60 sexiest couples of all time. Matches Made In Heaven in the latest TV Guide magazine!!! Well duh!!!! :-)

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  9. Aleena says

    Falling Skies is a big letdown. I wahcted 3 episodes back to back, and I am not going to watch it anymore. Shallow characters, recycled story and it proves once again that networks don’t know how to handle science fiction. They feel that they need such show, but they have no idea what to make and what is good science fiction. And Spielberg is not a filmmaker anymore, he is slapping his name to all kinds of garbage on TV or in the movies (Transformers 3, why Steve, why???). Lets hope that new Battlestar Galactica pilot does well, but based on the conceptual art I have seen, I don’t have any expectations for that one either. SyFy channel has gone of the rails with their shows making all these light sci-fi/comedy shows that you can watch, but don’t care much about. With exception of Haven, SyFy is done. Good thing I have DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s of my favorite shows to watch over and over again. I feel that time has come to watch Farscape again. Just a suggestion Dennis, it would be interesting to see a longer (or in parts) Tube Talk or other podcast about what is going on with Sci-Fi and fantasy on TV today, because I think that things are looking bad for the fans. Hopefully Fringe and Game Of Thrones will help bring back the quality to the genre.

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