Fringe Complete Series DVD & Blu-ray Box Art Unveiled


The box art for the Fringe Complete Series DVD and Blu-ray has been unveiled ahead of the May 7 release.



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  1. Ian S. says

    What the hell…

    The other one was so much better, maybe if they explained what these yellow dots were it would mean something but right now they’re, well, just three yellow dots…

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  2. says

    Ain’t that cover truly represents how we all feel after FRINGE series finale ……. no light, an endless black-hole, emptiness ….. TV without FRINGE, the darkest hour!

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  3. says

    Where blue was color for the original universe, and red was the alternate universe, yellow dots stand for points of light (hope) in the future.
    Remember the vinyl album of Violet Sedan Chair? On the back a triangle of blue and red with yellow in the middle.
    Hope bonded both universes.

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  4. Surun Tunne says

    I can imagine, they spent countless hours trying to figure out where exactly they should position the dots!

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  5. _lost_stef_ says

    I’m holding out for an awesome box set like the one they released for Lost with the hidden DVD and extras & Alias Rambaldi set because I already have 1-4 on BluRay I’ve preordered season 5 on BluRay and have 1-3 on DVD. So unless its something extra special that I can only get by buying this box set I’m going to have to pass

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    • Nate says

      Unfortunately I don’ think that’ll happen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a complete series release get a special re-release. The cool LOST and ALIAS released were the one and only “complete series” releases for those shows, and this will probably be the one and only “complete series” release for Fringe. It’s too bad because I’ve been holding off buying the season sets in anticipation of a cool set but it doesn’t look like we’ll get one. Oh well.

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  6. Hellrasinbrasin says

    At least the UK Complete Series Box Art has a design to it. The US Box Art has nothing but 3 points.

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  7. Dr_Bishop says

    This cover is sublime and perfect..I’m glad they didn’t wang it up with some dorky/photoshopped pictures of the Fringies. Simplicity wins, and it works for a series box set. If you want pics of the gang, go buy the show season by season. πŸ˜€

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  8. Cortexiphan Kid says

    I actually really like the design (even considering the lack of Anna Torv on it), because it’s kind of mysterious and it doesn’t reveal much about the show. It’s simple, clean, minimalistic and, most important, it makes anyone that doesn’t know Fringe curious about it.

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  9. shidey17 says

    I’m not so much concerned about the cover art as I am the special features. I already have all the seasons on blu ray, but I want more deleted scenes, bloopers, special features, and all that jazz.

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  10. SissySiri says

    That is the most lackluster cover I have ever seen.

    Imagine, someone got a ton of money for that design. I agree the contents are more important, but seriously . . . . *yawn*

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  11. Kevin says

    I was hoping for a cover that somehow utilized the glyphs that were present throughout the series, perhaps on a blue-hued translucent/transparent overlay to the box. Oh well

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