FRINGE Comic-Con 2012 Panel Recap


Missed the Fringe Comic-Con panel? Fear not, here’s a recap of what took place at today’s emotional event.

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  • Everyone’s an Observer: Fringe Observer fedoras given out to fans.
  • White tulips are in the air — a little sign of appreciation from the fans.
  • No Blair Brown — couldn’t travel.
  • Season 5 trailer rocks Hall H (watch it here!).
  • As expected, season 5 will continue where 4.19 (“Letters Of Transit”) left off.
  • Some pieces of footage for S5 shot last season as sales pitch for final season.
  • John Noble: “The fans” got us renewed. Joshua Jackson left pleasantly “shocked” by fifth season renewal.
  • An Observer book will be released during final season, will tell story through eyes of September. A competition will be held for fans to get the chance to have their names including in the book.
  • Observers “much, much worse” in Season 5 than S4, acc. Joshua Jackson.
  • Lance Reddick wore a Breaking Bad hat in disguise for Comic-Con but it didn’t work, got swarmed by fans.
  • Wyman had two possible endings in mind, settled on one after “it all became clear”.
  • Wyman got scripting early this year to ensure everything on-point for final season.
  • Wyman Fringe ‘little show that could’ metaphor
  • Jasika Nicole relieved Astrid wasn’t killed off years ago. Glad fans like her character.
  • Anna Torv: Olivia’s ‘biggest lesson is to come’ – results in LOLment.
  • Noble on the “solidarity” of the cast and the “power of love” in the story holds Fringe together.
  • Jackson: Believes O+P “will get the final chapter of their story”,  “the fun part is the process of season will be our last journey together”
  • Cast crying while reflecting on favorite scenes: Nicole loves one when Walter can’t remember Peter’s number (“Snakehead) and Olivia meltdown in “Marionette”. Jackson goes with Lincolnate/Lincoln scenes together, enjoyed the way he contrasted the pair. Noble goes for S1 scene where Peter slammed guy’s fingers and Olivia going all Dunhamnator, “I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry.”
  • Another video being shown: Wyman “It’s not saying goodbye, it’s saying we’re successful and have beautiful fam you’re part of..” Thanks everyone.
  • [Trailer/series recap -will post later when/if it goes up]
  • A wet Jackson reassures audience he didn’t ‘p*ss himself’: “it’s going to be embarrassing when I leave the stage”
  • Henry Ian Cusick back for Season 5? Wyman rightfully coy, but teases: “Henry was astounding performer last season, let’s see if he makes it into final season.”
  • AT + JN read fanfic, think it’s “scandalous”.
  • JN wants Fringe to continue in another format, already has version in her head called “The Adventures of Astrid”. Noble thinks anything is possible, reiterates his hope for movie. Jackson believes show will live on.
  • JJ favorite Walterism still “Vagenda”. LR: ‘Asteroid, Astrix.. JN: loves when he calls he names that don’t begin with “A” like Claire.
  • The reason for no female Observers reason will be answered in final season, says JHW.
  • Cast discuss favorite versions of their characters: JN enjoyed early Walter. AT: Altlivia, but now comfortable with Dunhamnator. LR: Broylnate. JN found Altstrid more challenging
  • THE END: Cast take a bow to standing applause. Emotional panel to kick-start what will surely be emotional final chapter.


  1. kidentropia says

    Gracias, Roco! Un abrazo desde Venezuela. Haces un trabajo estupendo para todos nosotros los Fringe-adictos del mundo :)

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  2. Fringaholic says

    As much as I wish I would have been there, I’m glad I wasn’t or I would have been sobbing uncontrollably.

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