FRINGE Co-Creator JJ. Abrams Praises ‘Incredible’ Final Episode

JJ. Abrams - Fringe

Fringe co-creator JJ. Abrams has lauded the script for the series finale as “incredible”.

Abrams said of the Jan. 18 closer:

“It will be great. I mean, the script is unbelievable. I think it will be incredibly emotional. If it’s not satisfying, I don’t know what satisfying is.”

Source: EW


    • Scott42444 says

      Yes, I know. Seriously, JJ we are all already pumped. I have a small cut on my finger, would you like to rub a little salt in there too? The wait is killing me enough as it is. There really is nothing that anyone can say that will add or subtract any viewers from the final episode(s). All of us that are in it for the long haul are counting down the days. Everyone else won’t have a clue what the Hell is happening.

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  1. Stubin says

    Lovely Season 1 cast photo there, with Kirk and even Mark. No matter how this ends, I’m going to be terribly sad. Fringe has been my habit since 2008, ever since “The Arrival” hooked me.

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    • Clark says

      Mentioning The Arrival makes me want to cry a little.

      This is it. What started a few years back has grown so much. GREAT, epic season this year, just like the first. Remember setting down and the screen came up about “Limited Commercial Interruptions”? A man is fretting on a plane, the nosebleed, “Give me any drugs you have…This is serious. I’m locking myself in the bathroom” something you only hear on Fringe we would find, the start of our quirky SF show mixing humor with very dark stories.

      Then the porcuman cane out and crashed a commercial airliner. Cue music.

      God, I don’t know how people didn’t get into this show. Memories.

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    • ML says

      I like that P/O know that the team involves a reset so that the writers don’t just spring a surprise reset. It’ll be about the fight to get back there. A fight to get their daughter back. That’s the way I look at it.

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      • DeepRunner says

        Yeah, ML, I think it would be great to have Etta back, either as a little girl or as someone who is all growed-up (with an older Peter and Olivia).

        But I think a reset will do a BlueVerse worth of stuff for Peter and Walter, as well. That is the one relationship that lags in the Amber timeline. As Peter said after he came back from Over There, Walter crossed universes twice to save him. In the Amber timeline, Walter only accepts Peter as his “son.” I want that relationship resolved, and based on what we saw when Michael touched Walter, I feel highly confident it will be.

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        • ML says

          In 510 we saw Walter get his blue memories back so in 511 I suspect we’ll see that he now remembers the blue timeline.

          I love the idea of Olivia and Peter fighting for a reset, especially Olivia. My major complaint about this season has been the lack of a pro active Olivia. What better reason does she have to fight now. I wish it didn’t come so late in the season but at this point I’ll take anything as long as Olivia is taking charge again.

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      • says

        Joel Wyman said in an interview that some development will be expected, but it’s the journey that he hopes will make them special. Not sure how to take that statement, but I don’t mind if it ends on a ‘happy’ (hopeful) note. Who says that one of our main characters has to die in order for it to be a great ending . . . my wish is for all three to survive and Astrid.

        I remain hopeful that we will get a terrific ending. I do trust Joel and like him, I’m a big romantic softy. With that said, I’m preparing myself for Peter having to be sacrificed to make everything right. :(

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        • DeepRunner says

          Scully8, I really want to see all of and each of The Big Three standing when we see The End on screen. I know I have carped a lot about Peter being the one to die. To quote Walter and Walternate, the universe only knows balance and imbalance. To take something from Over Here, you must replace it with something from Over There of equal mass. And vice versa.

          Peter is the paradox. Saved, erased, and brought back. His loss, assuming there is one at the end, would make the most sense.

          My hope is, he will remain at the end. It would be great for Olive to have her happily ever after with the man she loves. It would be great for Walter to have the son he loves. And it would be great for Peter to be with his BlueVerse dad and “his Olivia.”

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            • scully8 says

              P/O getting a tragic ending would be so very wrong on many levels. However, as DR said, losing Peter does make sense. :(

              I can’t believe how angst-ridden I feel about the ending of this show. It’s very hard to prepare one’s self for the end of such an incredible show (and fan experience) and possibly an ending where one our beloved characters die (or no longer exist).

              I don’t mean to be a debbiedowner, I guess I’m just trying to prepare myself for the worse, while I hope for the best. :)

              It all begins on Friday! Happy for the return of FRINGE FRIDAY!

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    • Lincless says

      Yeah, that would be terribly predictable and boring.

      J.J. Abrams praised Lost’s ending too 😀

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    • Uncertainty says

      Imagine Walter dies in the end, and the last scene is his grave and besides it there’s a naturally grown white tulip.

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      • lizw65 says

        Have you guys heard that there will be a series of Fringe novels? I sent the news and a link to Roco but it hasn’t been posted yet.

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        • Surun Tunne says

          yes, I’m so exited about this! I have pre-ordered book #2 already (the first one isn’t available for pre-order jet)

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        • Drenami says

          OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! I did some searching and found a few different links. I am literally crying right now!!!! Thank you so much for this info. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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  2. DeepRunner says

    Rounding the final turn for the show and into the homestretch. “Incredibly emotional.” The End will be the bittersweet goodbye to a series that really, really REALLY touches and touched a core fan base with awesome sci-fi, excellent storytelling, and characters (The Big Three, The Next Three) that anyone who has seriously watched the show, has seriously rooted for. Even the villains (William Bell in both timelines [although he was more of a grey hat in the Blue Timeline], DRJ, and The Bald Battalion) are and have been fascinating.

    Here’s to all that has been and will be for the show! Bring us a Fringe movie. :)

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  3. James says

    I also hope Wyman was lying about not seeing Belly again. I’m going to be so pissed off if they leave all of that unresolved.

    The last we heard was that he was removed from the amber with Simon.

    They cannot just leave it there, surely?!

    And the Leonard Nimoy retirement excuse doesn’t wash because he said he’d come back and do more Fringe whenever he was asked.

    If there’s no more on Belly, then we have no real information on him returning to ‘help’ the team (hence getting stuck in amber with them) or his alliance with the Observers.

    Someone please reassure me they won’t leave this hanging?

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    • Surun Tunne says

      before the start of season 5 they said that they want nimoy back.
      I’m sure, if nimoy would’ve been available, they would have welcomed him with open arms.
      maybe he is too busy, maybe his health doesn’t allow it or maybe we will see him again and wyman didn’t want to give it away, I don’t know

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    • says

      Maybe Wyman is playing his hand close to the vest, and maybe he still has that ace up his sleeve. To coin a few poker cliches.

      One thing that might make you feel better is; Last year I had no clue that Nimoy was going to come back. And I am one of the biggest spoiler hounds out there. I was totally surprised by that one. So If they wanted to really surprise us then they could do it.

      But on the other side I would be perfectly satisfied assuming that @$$hole Belly ended up a blinking head on a stick like good ole Simon did too.

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  4. earthbrah says

    Even though we may be biting our nails until the last few episodes are presented, I for one love this space of expectation. We know the end is nigh, we can all taste it, yet it isn’t quite here yet… Ten years from now, in the blink of an eye, we will yearn to have more new Fringe on the horizon.

    So while we are all anxious to have our fix, let’s relax a bit and enjoy the space of knowing that we still have just a bit of new Fringe to look forward to. This time is precious, the golden hours I call them, and they shan’t return…

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    • shidey17 says

      True. Just think of Firefly and what their fans did. They are still getting panels and whatnot. I hope in 10 years we can all still have new Fringe-ness to look forward to in some way.

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  5. Cassiopea says

    Is that Mark Valley in the promo picture? Can anyone link me to where people may be discussing this, I cannot find reference to it?

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