FRINGE Celebration Poster [Fan Made]


Fringe lives on through artwork. Observe..

Fringe fan and artist @zort70 has created this rather cool Fringe celebration poster featuring the Observer:

“Now the final episode of Fringe has been shown I have updated this poster to include the final glyph code words.

The poster features many elements from Fringe mythology, both old and new, and has every glyph code word included in the observer typography.”


Should you wish, you can purchase a copy of the 23″ x 35″ poster here. More info here.


  1. matt says

    cool poster, but the background just kinda reminds me about the whole first people thing and the interesting mythology they had created behind that which never got used for anything or explained or made sense really like the calendar and the book etc. there were so many cool things they came up with that never went as far as I’d have liked including the first people book/mythology and the ZFT manuscript/test kit/cortexiphan powers (I’d always hoped for an army or cortexiphan kids shootign mind bullets at observers or something in the end – I think they could have gone out with a much bigger bang especially knowing when it would end and having a 2 hour finale etc, but sometimes when theres no pressure and you have complete freedom you make the worst art. that’s why I usually like the first seasons of shows best and second seasons worst and why societies without any problems would have boring art).

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