Fringe Cast Set For Almost Human


J.H. Wyman says Fringe cast members will appear in his upcoming sci-fi series Almost Human.

IGN: Lastly, I have to ask…. Might we see any Fringe actors on Almost Human at some point?

Wyman: I can guarantee you that we’re going to see Fringe actors. I miss all of them so much, and we’ve been keeping in touch. Anything I can do — it’s just got to be worthy of them, because they’re all in my heart. I want to write them great stuff and make sure they come out with a big bang.

Source: IGN


  1. 134sc says

    Awesome. At least we know the acting will be top notch.


    I really hope people watch this show.

    As of now the only TV network that has people watching is CBS. For some reason, not a lot of people are watching the other networks. With this in mind, I’m surprised FOX green lit another genre show, especially with how poorly FRINGE did in the ratings. Hopefully this means that their expectations are reasonable and that they will let the show find its footing.

    I for one like Wyman’s writing style and I believe this show’s premise and characters will accentuate his strengths.

    In my opinion, Almost Human has the potential to be very good.

    Again…I really hope people watch it.

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  2. DeepRunner says

    Hmmm…this sounds intriguing. The top-tier actors from Fringe (The Big Three plus The Next Three) each having a chance to appear in this show. Here is who else should get a shot at a guest star role:

    * Michael Cerveris–He could be a human, he could be a droid.

    * Sebastian Roche–Definitely a rogue droid or a criminal mastermind

    * Jared Harris–Criminal mastermind

    * Georgina Haig–Just because.

    * ORLA BRADY. Just because. Have her on in the same episode with John Noble or Joshua Jackson

    * Seth Gabel…hmmm…Seth Gabel…hmmm….

    FWIW, I don’t think they would bring more than one of the Fringies on at a time. But one never knows.

    I also think they should bring in some other Bad Robot alums…Jennifer Garner, Brad Cooper, Victor Garber, Ron Rifkin, Rebecca Mader, Henry Ian Cusick, etc.

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  3. ML says

    Waiting to see the show first before I decide if I’d want my favorite Anna to appear. Don’t completely trust Wyman to make a solid show as the sole showrunner.

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  4. Sissy says

    OMG!!! Can this be real? This will be so awesome – holy cow! Ya, you heard me Jean.

    All kidding aside, this is some serious good news.

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