FRINGE Cast On Nina’s Revenge, Story Growth [WATCH]


The cast discuss recent events in a slew of new video interviews released by Fox.


  1. WhiskyGeorge says

    I think Joshua just lampshaded near the end the fact that they done goofed up the story… Rofl.

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  2. JaniceLG says

    Yes, Blair is just so perfect as Nina Sharp. I just love having two talented and experienced actors who have honed their craft over decades on the show. You can tell just how much both JN and BB care and how experience pays off in their scenes. I’ve really started to appreciate that generation of actors more and more lately (Mandy Patinkin anyone?).

    P.S. Not taking anything from JJ and AT, but looking at those actors in the 50-60s. So much talent there.

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  3. 134sc says

    I like the way Josh talks about the show, he always tries to be as honest as possible. When he says that some storylines havn’t always worked or when he talked about how they would be fighting in the future, these are things that could be viewed as negative to the show. But you can always tell that these things don’t really bother him; I think that he appreciates the risks taken by the writers and as “unbelievable” as the show may seem at times, he is all for it and is just along for the ride.

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