FRINGE: Cast Dish Dream Episodes; Another ‘Brown Betty’ Coming Up?


The cast of Fringe share their dream episodes in a newly-released video. Also, could another Brown Betty-esque episode be in the works?


  1. Sofia says

    – I’ll like to see an episode, about Peter’s past. His shaddy connections, maybe in other country. I think this plot was forgotten and it would be awesome to see again.

    – Time jump, with Peter having these lapses. But not just in the same place, he could start jumping to another centuries, like the comic book Beyond the Fringe

    – Or maybe some weird substance could contaminate the lab and they could have temporary superpowers. Maybe get inside each other head and find really creepy things there.

    – And why not, to play with the whole vampire/zombie/horror wave?

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    • Mancha says

      Actually, I hope they do an episode on Peter’s shady past… I want answers on that, and how he dealt with Big Eddie… I like all the ideas you’ve posted here… Not sure about the vampire/zombie/horror wave though, as I’m not into any of those things except the horror part…

      Funny, seeing as I do have a fanfic of when Peter dealt with Big Eddie before he joined Fringe Division…

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    • M. Weiselauss says

      They never just forget. I guess they dropped the Big Eddie arc because it was a pretty ordinary sub-plot compared to all the sciencey stuff surrounding the show, and to me it just seems irrelevant apart from giving the character of Peter some depth.

      Good suggestions, apart from the vampires. I’m pretty sick of that fad.

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  2. g33k says

    Maybe it should be mushrooms related, first it was mary jane, then the blotter, mushrooms would be the next logical drug that Walter would have/does do…

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  3. David says

    I’m with Josh, I’d like to see an astrid episode, just because she seems to have so many strings to her bow, that you start to wonder how she got them all.
    From fixing and maintaining computers through to being Walter’s virtual minder, who even now anticipates what Walter wants and needs even before he knows what he wants, seems to lend itself to an episode on this women.
    Maybe it would even silence those critics who believe that one women could not possibly have so many talents.
    It would allow us to see the real women behind the junior FBI agent.

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  4. JM says

    Hopefully this will be an “astrid-centric episode” that is ACTUALLY astrid-centric, however is it too much to ask for a broyles-centric and a nina-centric episode in addition to the astrid one all in one season?

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  5. Karo says

    Lance Reddick kind of dismissed Brown Betty in an earlier interview and now he’d do another one? Funny what a little perspective can do.

    Dream episode? Undercover!

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    • Red Balloon says

      Yes!, They should do this more often…they’ve just done that in 1.13 The Transformation.

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  6. Red Balloon says

    Even though I love all characters, main and supporting, most of the character’s centered episodes from season 2: Earthling (Broyles), Northwest Passage (Peter), August (Observer); and season 3: Reciprocity (Peter), Stowaway (Lincoln), Bloodline (Altivia), were my least favorites, and when I feel like re-watching the seasons, I skip those.

    But Brown Betty and LSD, even though I enjoyed them when watching, still sometimes skip them too.

    I understand why the cast long for them, cuz it’s fun for them, but they haven’t really been that great. So I hope if they’re gonna do another one, it’s well deserved a hall of fame classic episode for the series.

    Character centered: Nina is my best choice
    Thematic centered: Maybe some Matrix for the effects and music, but I want some fun for a change, like a Doris Day & Rock Hudson romantic or What’s Up Doc? kind of comedy.

    A charade episode would be nice too (one where all the words they speak are nonsense and would have to be creative to make themselves understood)

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  7. Sofia says

    I love Quentin Tarantino, so will be awesome have an episode directed by him if his peculiar vision

    A Tim Burton esthetics will be cool too

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  8. celticnorse says

    Two things come to mind:
    1) I love Anna Torv but I find it interesting, perplexing even how she seems to get out of doing these little promo/q&a type things all the time. She seems to be pretty private (no twitter, blogging, etc) but I’d guess the execs would have to want her to do some of this stuff.

    2) There is a large following for Josh/Peter that are kind of upset by the lack coverage Peter has gotten recently on the show. How annoyed they must be to see Josh suggesting that an episode dedicated to a lesser explored character (Astrid) would be his dream. :)

    I’ll close simply with January = Yay!

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    • Transformation says

      For your second remark, I think Josh is kind of aware with the way the producers are dealing with his character, and he pretty much knows that it won’t change anytime any sooner (it’s been sort of confirmed in one of his interviews). That been said, I agree that his fans are going to be upset about that.
      On a side note, seriously, I haven’t been paying much attention to this whole complaining about the focus on Peter’s character and/or the screen time he gets until lately and I gotta say that sometimes I don’t find it wrong that some of his fans should feel betrayed The same way Joe flanigan fans were in “Neither here nor there” that we anticipated like crazy (I’m one of JF fans BTw) as it was clear that he was cast to bring some new viewers, which enraged his fanbase that’s been used in a rather wrong way.

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    • number six says

      2) Not really. Just because they’ve treated Josh/Peter so shamefully, it doesn’t mean they have to do the same with Jasika. She plays an amazing supporting character and it was about time she got her character centric episode. At least they listened to one set of fans… those who requested the Peter season only got a kick in the teeth.

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  9. Anne in Van says

    When was this filmed? They all look very tanned!
    I don’t know if it’s just an impression but I have the feeling Josh doesn’t have the same passion in his voice and eyes when he talks about Fringe. Is it just me or he’s loosing his interest in this show and his pleasure to be a part of it? If it’s the case then that’s too bad because one of the things that makes Fringe great is the passion of the actors to play in this show!
    Anyway, that was a side note, I definitely want an episode about Nina and I would love something about Peter’s past. I really think that’s too bad they dropped this plot. They could have found something to link it to the master plot.

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    • plot device says

      yeah well, do you blame him?

      3 seasons long, i mean 4 seasons long being used as a plot device, isnt partically an ideal situation for an actor, dont you think?

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