FRINGE Cast Discuss Five-Twenty-Ten and [SPOILER ALERT]


The cast of Fringe discuss “Five-Twenty-Ten” and the return of an important piece of the puzzle in a new video from Fox.

Blair Brown, John Noble and Anna Torv discuss the return of Nina Sharp and what this means for the next phase of story:

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    • James says

      I feel like this episode could potentially be very mythology/plot heavy and so it is harder to select sections to use as sneak peeks, because it is all “spoilery”.

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  1. _lost_stef_ says

    OMG im in tears, the reunion between Olivia and Nina so sweet!!! ahhh imagine how im gonna be watching the episode in full lol!!

    Olivia has got the best reunion scenes this season because she is such a BAMF ;P

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    • _lost_stef_ says

      aww shit i just realised people are going to say she isn’t grieving enough now because she smiled

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      • Cortexiphan Kid says

        Oh please, if anyone is greaving this season, it’s Olivia! And I kindly suggest, that everyone that thinks Olivia isn’t greaving enough gets a first-level wiping! :)
        I think that after all she suffered, she deserves a moment of happines.

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  2. Sam says

    I have been looking forward to Nina’s return and Olivia’s reunion with her mummy :)

    I’ve noticed people saying “I never thought I’d see you again” to her is becoming a bit of a trend this season.

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      • shidey17 says

        I wonder how they will play this — Olivia has just lost her daughter, and Nina also sort of lost hers. Now they get a reunion. I can see how emotional it could be with Nina finally getting Olivia back and Olivia having someone who really knows what she is going through with the loss of Etta. And Anna and Blair are just both so amazing, so this has great potential.

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        • Sam says

          She may not remember all the details of their life together but judging by the way they’re reuniting I’m sure Olivia does at least remember that this woman adopted her.

          Great potential indeed!

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