Fringe Cast and Crew Interviews; Entrada Behind The Scenes

Electric Playground are back with more exclusive Fringe interviews with the cast and crew, and a behind the scenes look at last week’s “Entrada” episode.

Head past the jump for the vid.

Electric Playground Behind The Scenes of Fringe

[via | Electric Playground]


  1. says

    Awesome special effect. Love the show since day one and things like these specials makes me even love it more.
    I’m off now, hijacking peoples tv-time to see Fringe on dvd and get them hooked.

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  2. LMH says

    I absolutely love seeing how the special effects work! I can’t wait for the s3 dvds when we can go behind all the goodies we’ve seen so far this year. The most interesting for me was the lighting differences between universes, so fascinating and really gives you a sense of how deep the approach is to portraying the two realities and giving them a certain feel for the audience.

    Every interview that comes out these days calls Fringe a “hit.” Yes, it’s a “hit,” so it should stay on for those 20 seasons John mentioned ; )

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