FRINGE BLOGGERS Weekly FRINGE Quiz: Bloodline Special

Welcome to our latest Fringe Quiz! This one is a “Bloodline” special, focusing entirely on the most recent episode of Fringe.

Find out how well you observed “Bloodline” by taking on the questions below. Will you rise to the challenge, or be thwarted by the ones that got away?

Remember, don’t cheat – test yourself using just your knowledge, memory, or guessing skills first (it’s more fun that way). And feel free to share your performance with other FBies in the comments. Whether you emerge victorious or foiled, have fun as you engage!


How did you score? Feel free to share!

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  1. megan says

    I did pretty good with this quiz. Most likely because I’ve rewatched this episode like 4 times…I always rewatch the last episode before a break. At least until Fringe comes back!

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  2. Sasha says

    I only got Altlivia’s apt. number wrong! Wooo! And I’ve only seen the episode twice. 😀

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  3. g33k says

    10/11 – got the new apt number wrong, and in all fairness I had an advantage because Hastings St is a real street in Vancouver so I had a slight advantage there… :-)
    Interesting that Altlivia moved into an apartment with the same number as Olivia! Wonder what that means about how much she misses the other side!!!

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      • Andyy says

        Yes it is. Thats the only question I got wrong, I thought they had the same number, but yes Olivia has the 2A and Altlivia the 21.

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        • g33k says

          I think the question helped throw me off too, it says “what’s Altlivia’s NEW apartment number.” she didn’t move!
          Not complaining, it’s no excuse for getting it wrong. I just need to read the darn question better!!! Sneaky Roco! :-)

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  4. fringeobsessed says

    11/11 My first perfect score on a ROCO Fringe Quiz!
    I’m so proud. :)
    Thanks for posting the quiz, ROCO. I have missed them very much.

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  5. Red licorice says

    Wow! And I watched the episode only once…!!
    I only got Henry’s address wrong… And that’s how it just occurred to me that our cabbie HENRY HIGGINS (also the name of the professor in Pygmalion and My fair lady) lives in HASTINGS Avenue (Captain Hastings was Poirot’s best friend). Just a coincidence or the authors of Fringe are trying to tell us something through these literary connections?! 😉

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  6. Christine lee says

    well, i did it pretty well, i have the right answers for all questions concern with Altlivia, besides Where did Henry live, What’s the comic Henry read and Fringe bloggers rating, cuz i re-watched this episode for “N” times, just focus on Altlivia acting, she is So So So Great!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. FinChase says

    10/11 – I got the apartment number mixed up.

    BTW, why do you think AltLivia has moved? It appears to be the exact same apartment. I think we just saw the building entry for the first time.

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  8. coolfringepuff says

    11/11 I’m so proud of myself at the moment. Truly enjoyed the quiz. It just makes my brain raced a mile. Love Fringe~

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  9. Page 48 says

    Got ’em all baby, in 25 seconds or less. I was in the zone, I gave it a 110%, I did it for the team. I dedicate my perfection to Broylenate, may he rest in pieces.

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  10. Erich says

    10/11 – Excellent

    I forgot what Altlivia was staring at during the opening scene. I’ve only watched the episode once, but have read all the articles about it on here and a few elsewhere.

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  11. says

    100%. First time for everything I guess. I think the quizzes are way harder when you pull out stuff from a long time ago so to me, this one was fairly easy since not much time has passed, even with only one viewing.

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  12. D says

    On question #5 its Walternate, according to the promo pics on the official site. That why I answered Walternate.

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  13. Jenn says

    FINALLY a quiz I did well on! See, if we did a quiz for just the last episode, it would help me feel better about myself every week. :)

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  14. Anya says

    I got 8/11. Missed Henry’s stuff: the comic, his address. Missed AltLiv’s address too. Thought it was the same as Olivia’s Over Here. Not too shabby though. :)

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  15. RoughDiamonds says

    Yay! My first perfect score 11/11!!!!

    Not bad considering AltLivia not my favorite character but she’s won me over in this episdoe.

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  16. WaySeeker says

    I missed 3, 6, 11. With 3 I missed 1 letter, 6 I got the first number right :p and 11 I remembered the first letter right 😀

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