FRINGE: ‘Back To Here’ — New Winter Premiere Cast Preview


Before Friday’s Fringe return, gear up with “Back To Here” — a new video with the cast laying down the tease.


  1. JM says

    I dont think I could be more excited about this episode if i tried, atleast we get 7 episodes in a row now! *prays fringe is good for the rest of the season*

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  2. lafra08 says

    I’m also very excited!!!! I love this wonderful show so much!I hope a lot of people in America with Nielsen Boxes could watch our beloved Fringe Live tomorrow so we could have better ratings!!!!!I hope Fringe returns strong!!!!!

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  3. Dylan says

    Ok, hurry up episode – running out of things to talk about!

    I wonder how season 4 would have gone if we had remained in the future for the first third, or interchanged between present and future either like season 3’s blue/red episodes or LOST’s season six on-island/flash-sideways format. Might’ve been interesting.

    Plus I wanted to know what the heck Broyles and Peter were referencing having been lost in Detroit, and to see a little more of Brad Dourif (I hope he comes back – he was kind of wasted in his appearance).

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    • J.P. says

      Brad Dourif’s a great actor, and I was very disappointed that he was only in the episode for a few minutes, as opposed to the “large role” he was reported to play. I’d love for him to come back.

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  4. Sofia says

    Please guys, talk to your neighbors, convert some teachers, friends, I don’t care, we need to prove how much we love this show and give them an amazing audience tomorrow night. Fringies to the war!

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  5. says

    I know that I am absolutely overcome with anticipation for the return of Fringe. A nice stretch of uninterrupted weekly episodes will be a nice change of pace. My hope is that it may actually allow viewers to recommit themselves to the show.

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  6. J.P. says

    I’ve learned from experience to not be fooled by the “aweomse looking promos”, but still… this episode does look pretty awesome. PLEASE be the episode I’ve been waiting for. PLEASE.

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  7. Sanj says

    Oh? Seven in a row? Did the idiots at FOX finally figure out that “hey, maybe we shouldn’t continually interrupt and pre-empt a show if we want to hold onto viewers?”

    It’s time FOX stopped treating Fringe like a red-headed stepchild. Maybe they got the message from both the fans AND the cast.

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  8. says

    The cast gives me the impression that something BIG is going to take place in this episode that completely changes the way an event develops. It is great to have Pinker and Wyman at the helm, true visionaries that stick to their guns.

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