FRINGE: Anna Torv On Peter ‘Slipping Away’, Plus Joshua Jackson & Blair Brown [WATCH]


Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and Blair Brown weigh in on Peter’s twisted path and the return of Nina.

Anna Torv – “Slipping Away”:

Joshua Jackson – “Peter’s Journey”

Blair Brown – “Valuable Resource”


  1. SissySiri says

    I got from these interviews a hint that Nina may have the tech that would know how to remove the Observer Tech from Peter’s head without doing damage. I hope so, I cannot stand the thought of Peter turning out to be an Observer. I don’t think Etta would have wanted that, IMO.

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  2. _lost_stef_ says

    Because im a very observant Polivia shipper i spy with my little eye something beginning with ??? PETER IS WEARING HIS WEDDING RING ahhhhhh so excited!!! You cant see Anna’s hands but im gonna guess the BAMF is wearing hers too.

    Can you imagine the reunion scene between them ahh god I’m dyeing of Polivia shipper happiness!!

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    • ML says

      I bet the ring reappears in the next episode. Maybe how Olivia gets thru to him by putting it on or maybe Peter puts it back on fighting from going all full Observery.

      Can’t wait.

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    • Amanda says

      In the last behind scenes photos they are wearing gloves, but 2 weeks ago you can see Josh hands… and you can see if there is a ring or not. Take a look, I’m not going to spoiler it.

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  3. JaniceLG says

    There are three other interview videos on for those in the US. Two with Josh and one with Jasika.
    Dangerous Game – Josh
    Connecting the Dots – Jasika
    Mimicking September – Josh
    They aren’t on YT, just

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  4. Cortexiphan Kid says

    ”To answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not. In this war, a danger there is, of losing who we are.”

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  5. chifounette says

    Why was bleeding ear Peter? It was not ever brought back. Obviously, this has to do with the update, but it was just there to show us the bad side effects are part of the physical change, or is it something more?

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