FRINGE: A Short Story About Love – Noble Intentions


John Noble offers his thoughts on “A Short Story About Love” in the latest Noble Intentions video. Watch it below..


  1. FlashWriter says

    A few comments about this ep. First, while this may seem trivial, the title was a particularly good one, especially for a “Fringe” title. I had instant interest. I think I’m a shipper at heart in that I just loved the resolution of the ep’s story. There’s something about happy endings that gives me something like hope. Everyone love a lover and, even in “Fringe”, this apparently holds true. And, again, we mustn’t overlook the bravura performances of the cast. Once again Anna Torv acted with such subtlety of detail, injecting minute details in her voice, in her expressions, in the way her character carried herself. I didn’t know how much I missed “our” Olivia until she came back.

    There are times that I watch this show just to watch our cast work. This was not one of those times as that final scene was so incredibly beautiful that I was swept away.

    This one was a keeper.

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