FRINGE: 8 New Episodes Promo


FOX has aired a new promo teasing the return of Fringe, which sees 8 all new episodes map the path to the finale. Check it out below the jump.


  1. alex says

    has anyone else noticed that that was the doctor that tried to help brainwash olivia last sean when she was over there

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  2. 134sc says

    I don’t know if they have done this before, but the preview was really showing the love the critics have for Fringe. Maybe, a way to bring in some new viewers?

    Maybe, they are trying to find reasons to keep it around? (wouldn’t that be nice)

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  3. DeepRunner says

    The opening with the critical acclaim for the show, plus the “8 new episodes” piece of the promo, really seems to be Fox trying to build audience for the real-time broadcast of the show.

    So many codas back to season 1, with the beacon and the beast, plus Olivia with the therapist from the episode “Olivia” in season 3, assuming they are from different episodes, imply that Peter won’t get “home,” however that is defined by the writers and producers, for a while. Assuming that “home” is different from where he is. Which may mean those wanting closure to the P/O facet may need to wait, if that aspect happens at _ALL_.

    All that aside, come on Friday. Get here soon.

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