FRINGE: 5.12-13 Liberty/An Enemy Of Fate Ratings [UPDATED]


The preliminary ratings are in for the final two hours of Fringe — “Liberty/An Enemy Of Fate” — but how do the numbers stack up?

The 2-hour series finale of Fringe was up two tenths to a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating with 3.21 million observers.

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  1. Scott42444 says

    Once again, the 1.0 is b.s. Those are the (usually) more technologically advanced. I saw on one particular site at least 20,000 illegal downloads last night alone of 1 of the 2 episodes. That was 2 hours after it aired. Nielsen ratings are worthless.

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  2. seriousru says

    I would just like to point out that without the observers Peter and Walter would be dead. On their return from Walter collecting Peter from the otherside (When Peter was a child) It was an observer that saved them from an icy grave. So the ending is wrong! Not good! Please someone tell me I’m wrong. Loved the whole story line I’m going to miss this show.

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    • Starman says

      Read the comments on the thread below this one. There are plenty of theories that can explain this seeming discrepancy.

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    • Sajib says

      I think you’re taking the phrase ‘cease to exist’ too literally. The plan was never to erase the Observers completely but to convince the Norwegian scientist in the future that Michael is proof that you can create an Observer prototype that can have high intelligence whilst still retaining some degree of emotional capacity. Assuming that Walter was successful in convincing the scientist of this fact, the Norwegian guy would simply continue to create Observers but this time mould them like Michael.

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    • Al Briggs says

      Peter never fell into the lake because September never interrupted Walter when he was developing the cure.

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      • sckihben says

        Peter was erased from history with the machine, and then thrown back into the timeline – so by following this, September never really pulled him out of the lake.

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        • Surun Tunne says

          it’s either the “peter was erased from the timeline and thrown back into it” thing, or that september didn’t distract walternate from finding the cure and peter would grow up in the redverse…therefore peter and olivia could still meet because we know that walter and bell did the cortexiphan trials and planned to cross over even before peter got sick..or something else.
          there are many possible ways but the point is that it’s not a plothole.
          how it happened exactly is not that important..I think it’s kinda great that the show gave us a satisfying conclusion but still left some things open for interpretation and imagination

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  3. MISSNETT says

    I was very happy at the end. It gave me the satisfaction I was looking for. On the Peter/Observer question I look at like this. We are still in the Amber timeline. Everything still happened in the blue timeline. Peter still got sick, September still saved him so Olivia still met him. He still got in the machine and rewrote the timeline. Now that timeline has been rewritten from the park because Walter convinced the doctor in the future that emotions could be paired with intelligence and the Observers never invade. Maybe this can be called the Green timeline! Ha ha!

    The only question I had and I know this is silly but what about all the inconsistencies from the beginning of this season. The different colors in their dreams, the coordinants(sp), the posters behind Peter. Wyman said they would be addressed, that there was a reason for them but I didn’t see any explanation. Oh well!

    I still don’t think that it’s really hit me that it’s over. I’m waiting for the depression to set in knowing that my Fridays will never be the same again.

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    • Starman says

      You’re right, Wyman did say that there was an explanation for those anomalies and implied that it would be revealed by the end, but it wasn’t. It’s odd that he would say that in an interview if he had no explanation in mind. But he has promised that, in contrast to the LOST show-runners, he won’t maintain radio silence on Fringe, so maybe he will provide an explanation at some point.

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    • Martyn C says

      Seems like the excellent 2 minute trailer for the finale did its work pulling in old Fringe fans who may have stopped watching or general television audiences, who may have liked the look of it from the trailer.
      Wonder if any new fans have been generated – my guess is yes, which is a very encouraging sign for the future.
      This proves in a small way why it was worth keeping Fringe around for another season, if this is the case and that decisiion from FOX
      may well become quite revolutionary in television history!

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  4. Karinne says

    Does anyone know why Michael shh..ed Olivia, when she asked him what to do next?
    And then he did it again toward the end of the episode.

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    • Alison says

      In the scene in the lab when Olivia returns with Michael from Liberty Island and she asks him for help, we realise that Michael already knows everything that will happen because she says that when he saw her appear from the other side, he smiled and knew she would be there. Also in the scenes where he signals ‘sshh’ to Oliva, she has cortexifan in her system which means he can communicate with her like in the first episode that Michael appears where they consider him to be an empath who could only communicate with Olivia. So my theory is, he knows exactly what will happen, all interference’s included and he’s basically telling Olivia “‘sshh’, wait. See what happens.”

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  5. purplenurple says

    People seem to forget that the timeline was reset to when after Peter was erased and came back (amber intro) not the original timeline were he would have drown in the lake without September’s intervention (blue intro). The Observer’s still exists and events up to the point when the invasion is supposed to happen are pretty much the same. However, even if the Observers didn’t exists at all, Peter would still exist because he actually already died in this timeline (which has already taken the place of the original timeline when the defining event occurs) and “he is an anomaly” himself.

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      • jason says

        but was it sent in advance knowing he would never see them in that time zone again. or has Walter found a way back there and he is letting them know?

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