FRINGE: 5.11 The Boy Must Live — Second Promo


Check out the second promo for Friday’s Fringe, “The Boy Must Live”.


  1. ML says

    Not much different here from the last promo but wonder who Olivia is talking to on the phone

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    • fedorafadares says

      I noted on Seriable that while Olivia is talking on the phone, there’s a yellow “100” painted on the street post. Nice nod to making it to 100!

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  2. shidey17 says

    So I was thinking…..what if the plan does involve resetting time? And Olivia and Peter are hopeful they could get Etta back…but….they also know the risks and have learned their lessons, so they scrap that plan?

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  3. says

    One of them being ‘Lost’, it redefined television series.
    One of them being ‘House’, for being unique, combining mysterie with medicine.
    One in the Top 5 will be ‘American Horror Story’, again for redefining the genre on television.

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