FRINGE: 5.11 The Boy Must Live Ratings [UPDATED]


The preliminary ratings are in for “The Boy Must Live” — but how do the numbers stack up?

Fringe 5.11 hit a series low 0.8 adults 18-49 and dipped from 3 million watchers to 2,417,000 observers.

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    • Wizard says

      What do you expect? Regardless of the quailty of Fringe, This shows biggest failure for losing fanbase/interest continues to be the constant interruptions or delays (lowatus) between episodes. If you remove the regularity of episodes, you have, in essence, broken the timeline and that creates a huge disconnect with the viewers.

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      • Surun Tunne says

        this episode would’ve had even fewer observers if it would have aired during the holidays…

        that doesn’t mean I am happy with those numbers but it doesn’t matter anymore anyway…

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  1. Page 48 says

    I’m sure all those “casual viewers” that JJ was pandering to back in 2008 are still on board. It must be the die-hards that aren’t watching.

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    • Lincless says

      I don’t like these classifications.
      People just stopped watching because they didn’t like it.
      You can’t blame them.

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      • Clark says

        Yeah, people genuinely not interested is one thing, but I feel now people are being told the show sucks. They are tuning out though for a number of things, either wanting to catch back upon their own pace, or just watching the show after the live broadcast. There are though lots of people who have the impression the answers and such aren’t coming this season. Reading the comments on io9’s recap was just sad, people expecting tiny characters frommseason 1 or Charlie to be addressed-this isn’t LOST nobody said all those things needed answers, this season is one particular story, the final story of the division-not a season explaining bible-reading-agent. And it’s a better experience for it.

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        • Geoff says

          A number of shows have gotten more popular due to syndication and people finding it there. The original Star Trek comes to mind. I actually got into Law & Order (back when it was quite good and the procedural didn’t dominate everything) because of the repeats on A&E.

          I hope the same for Fringe. But once the plot got really complex starting with season 2, the chance to hang on to viewers went down the drain.

          There is a reason procedurals are popular.

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  2. Lincless says

    Fringe had already lain on deathbed before they moved it to friday. It rather prolonged Fringe’s life.

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  3. Ian S. says

    I can see the head of Fox curled up in a fetal position in his office right now…

    “I made the right choice I made the right choice…money of syndication and Netflix right, right!?”

    Truth is, he really did make the right choice, albeit his choice was based off equations giving Fox the most money, but it was the right choice. I really do want to thank Fox for doing this, because those numbers bust be like a punch in the gut.

    Also I want to tell them to stop giving 3 week breaks between episodes, that kind of brings viewership down. Doesn’t take the head of Fox to figure that one out.

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    • Scott42444 says

      First of all, let me just say one thing. Nielsen ratings WILL NOT EXIST IN THEIR CURRENT FORM, IF AT ALL, IN 5 YEARS!!! If they do, they will not have anywhere near the bearing on a television program’s fate. Now, I agree with most of what you said. Not only that, but the show is receiving a lot of publicity for it’s finale. There are probably a lot of people who have caught the “Only 3 hours left” promos and didn’t WANT to watch because they wanted to catch up before the finale. Watching a finale live is an event, even in today’s media environment. Netflix and Science channel syndication is going to increase the impact this program has. Sometimes I think that all of these videos that have the actors and showrunners talking in are being filmed for future viewers more than current ones.

      I WATCH FRINGE SOMETIMES ON 20 MINUTE DELAY TO SKIP THE COMMERCIALS!!!! Seriously, it is really distracting sometimes. The showrunners know this. They know that their audience is MANY TIMES more advanced technologically than the average “Dancing With The Stars” viewer. That is why they had the in-program Sprint and Nissan advertisements. Wait until the Science channel has ALL of the episodes. They have done some cool things already and it appears that they have only focused on Season 1 and 2. Wait until Netflix starts telling viewership data. Wait until after the finale. That is supposed to “re-contextualize” the whole series. If that is true it could make the “word of mouth” on Fringe one of the strongest in television history.

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      • Ian S. says

        I really hope the Nielsen ratings are destroyed, though now that they are looking at Twitter trending on television shows to help gain data (which worries me, I don’t think they have quite the grasp on social media to successfully gain correct data) that they may be around longer still :( I just hate it. Cable TV is the way to go, paying for a channel so real money goes into the series instead of a gamble on people watching commercials. Network shows are becoming dumber and dumber and the great ones are cancelled season 1 now. Maybe each network will release a cable version of their network you can pay for, and put programs like Fringe on it?

        And I totally agree with you, I’m so excited the show is going to different places to reach viewers. What if it catches on big time (I really think it might), we honestly could see more episodes being made a few years down the line. Possibly the timespan from 2012-2015? I just don’t see this series done yet. I know there are three official prequel books in the works, one about each of the main characters, and September’s notebook will definitely give some answers, but I doubt this is the end of it on film.

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  4. Hellrasinbrasin says

    I’m thinking that next week will be the last iteration of the series on film. I’m guessing that after these 3 novels set in periods before The Pilot episode will add to the mythology as will Septembers Notebook. I’ll go so far as to say that based on the sales of the novels by Christa Faust that Titan Books & Bad Robot Productions will most likely sanction more novels. As the 1st set are in the Prime Timeline maybe the next set could be set in the Alternate Timeline before Peter Bishop returned.

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  5. Cheyenne says

    If the ratings are so low, then how the hell do they include a million commercials??? Why pay for all of that adverstisment for a low rated show?? I just can’t believe the amount of commercials I saw last night!

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  6. Clark says

    After glancing at io9’s review of the episode and the comments it has become clear that the show is suffering from hipster-itis. Outlets are pushing that Fringe is bad, full of plotholes (as if any 5 yr on show isn’t) while io9 will continue to praise lackluster or floundering shows Fringe does something interesting and gets punished.

    Same thing w/Prometheous, everyone wants darker, adult-oriented SF but complains when they get it. Series low sounds right, they always drop during hiatus, and Fox gets more viewers with crap on than a repeat of Fringe that would make the new episodes make sense to newer viewers.

    Still, the show is doing a great job with what they have. For any FX heavy episode money drops for something else, people don’t seem to understand this sort of stuff, so any time we get an episode full of conversations, no matter how gripping, people gripe. Walking Dead season 2 for instance. Also people want their cult shows cult, if nerd media outlets actually championed a show like Fringe they wouldn’t be able to say they found it years from now when the show does get more acclaim. Which, we know is going to happen, anyone you give a DVD of Fringe to walks away a fan-it’s just awesomesauce.

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    • Hellrasinbrasin says

      Yeah I can’t stand the people at IO9 and other sites you want your Intelligent programming you get it you but don’t watch it then wonder why it gets cancelled.

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    • Sajib says

      I really do hope the discontent among the fans in the IO9 review is not a true reflection of the Fringe fandom or this so called love letter to the fans would have been ripped up and burst into flames by the end of this season.

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