FRINGE: 5.10 Anomaly XB-6783746 Sneak Peeks


Fox has released the sneak peeks from 5.10.


    • Ian S. says

      I theorized that he didn’t. I think the Observers create their offspring (sort of like in vitro fertilization or cloning) and control the aging scientifically, programmed into their genes. Then they implant the technology later, resulting in a massive aging process of the body and brain (like that fetus in season 1). If this is September, I think they will implant him with Observer tech (from the Observer we see in this sneak peek) and he will rapidly age to September.

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  1. Ian S. says

    This looks like it will be the first 9/10+ episode of the season for me, every season of Fringe has had at least one huge episode I want to rewatch for everything (Ability, Peter, Entrada, The End of All Things, just to name a few) but for me the closest we have in this season is the premiere or the Bullet That Saved the World. Due to the tape plot, the best episodes feel too tidied, clean, and slightly repetitive. This looks to be breaking away from that and devivering a huge dose of answers!!

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  2. Red Balloon says

    Was that observer Walter was looking at, the one that Peter killed?
    And the label on the up corner left is A29319 … not sure about the “A” or the 3, but it makes me think that anomaly is from the ministry of science Nina runs

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  3. Real1 says

    Am I the only one who’s getting this feeling : Damn you Walter what you have done to the universes !!

    Can’t wait . :)

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  4. _lost_stef_ says

    gonna be a an awesome episode! btw the kids vacant stares totally freak me out and wtufghfg he has no TECH!! ahhh

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    • Scott42444 says

      ME TOO! Like “Olivia must die” last year. Who cares. First, there are bigger things at stake. So, they artificially added the old dead lab assistant saying “You want to go to the Observers and turn yourself in so they can praise your brilliance” WTF?!?! That’s stupid. First of all, you could save humanity and be praised. But second, they killed and are trying to kill every human and your granddaughter, son, daughter-in-law, and Astro. Like he would turn himself in. Just drop it already. They better wrap that up soon, like within the next 4 episodes.

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      • Scott42444 says

        Wish there was an edit button. To clarify, I cared about Olivia living or dying, I just knew that it wasn’t a real thing. They were not going to kill off Olivia. Even if they did, they weren’t going to do it “For Real”. Same with Walter. They have developed these characters enough. Just get this ‘show on the road’. Don’t add false drama to the damn thing.

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  5. crolmac says

    Here is my brainwave on the whole thing. The observers are the result of the evolution of the red universe, that i s why they wanted peter to go to blue verse, because for one walter causes the fault that ruins it, and peter becomes the one that starts the machine to save both worlds as the red one must not be destroyed ( where there any observers to be seen in the futur part of the end episode of the 3rd season? Can’t remember, but if not, it is the only one…) They have high tech, and please realise, the machine was known in the red universe before it was found in the blue, and they needed hints to find it, heck walter in the third season ep i refered to,probably just took the original they had built from the blueprints and parts they found, and sent it back in time to be rebuilt again, but who created it?.
    Bell spent his time evolving tech in the red, not blue universe. There is a virus that kills pregnant women in the red, not the blue universe, so cloning becomes a must to survive. And maybe the reason there are no women observers. Don’t forget they can also controle pregnancy speeds and such, and this was only the things we know…
    In the red universe, air quality is low, as the observers need, and septembre went to congratulate walternate, not walter for his acheivements, and i’ m not even sure in this case if he was sincere or just wanted to create the timeline in the universes they wanted…just remember, have fun, and take care, and beware of strange bald men with fedoras…

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    • Red Balloon says

      That sounds perfect to me!, and who is Donald according to you?… Is he someone new or someone from the AU (Lincoln, Young Bell, Frank, Walternate)…September?

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      • DeepRunner says

        It would be ironic if Donald were just a red herring, that we never find out who he is. It’s a shame it was not Sam Weiss. So far as we know.

        In the Original Timeline, Donald was the hit man who corrected things for the Observers. He was their Terminator. In this timeline, he is The Guy Who Helped Walter. What I don’t get is why Walter would never have told Peter or Olivia about him. Maybe we’ll find out.

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    • DeepRunner says

      That would address a couple of things…First, the Observers could cross between universes, so it is possible they came from Over There to begin with. September did visit Walternate and distracted him, although because “the moment was signficant.” August reminds him that “the boy is significant,” and that September would have a chance to correct his mistake.

      But the degradation to the RedVerse was because Walter crossed-over. Their air quality was bad, but I don’t know if it is because of an increase in Carbon Monoxide, which is what they need to survive and what kills the current version of the human race at a young age. If that is the case, then Fauxlivia’s mother (and others) don’t live to an old age. Plus, THESE Observers came from the future (2609), after making sure that this planet was totally uninhabitable, and are now modifying things so that they can survive going into the future.

      Peter went into the machine to counter Walternate turning it on Over There. It was to save the BlueVerse, even though he came from the RedVerse. It was Peter who created The Bridge, not the machine. Although, in the Amber timeline, the machine is what is responsible for the RedVerse healing. Which, if your theory is correct, could explain why September said Peter had served his purpose in going into the machine. And why Henry was wiped, as someone who should never have been born. Maybe Henry would have destroyed the Observers, if they were really from Over There.

      But in TEOAT, September told Peter that the Observers were one of countless possible futures for the human race, and sort of heavily implied that Peter and Olivia were their progenitors. There are several twists and turns needed for your POV to work. No, I am not sure the Observers came from the RedVerse. Not saying they didn’t, and your theory holds some intriguing possibilities.

      Four to go to see if you are right.

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    • says

      I had to watch that a couple of times myself. The one Peter is looking at does resemble September, but I believe it is not him. As for Walter seeing December; I think not. The guy is way to skinny to be December. LOL! December is the only fat Observer I have seen to date.

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